TJH 579: My Name is Bunny


“It really turns me off.”

Well then, I don’t quite remember when the last time we did a show was, but I’m sure the site will tell you if you ask it. It’s good to be back, under the circumstances. We once again look forward to bringing you mostly humorous content at least once every couple of weeks. Whatever, just read some notes. Did you see the blue Bunny?

Ok then, let’s welcome Bunny back to the podcast. If you want to see the last episode Bunny was on, check out the Jamhole Guest List. Search for Bunny. It’s been quite some time. So this is how it’s going to go down. We’re Bunny is going to host the show and we’ll keep it going every Friday, or every other Friday. Depending on schedules and such. This is going to be good. If you want to help out and share a mic with us, email and get in touch.

So how did your fourth of July go? This kid here in Kalispell Montana didn’t have it so good.

Did you hear what happened in San Diego? Poor, poor San Diego, blowing loads off so fast.

Have you been watching Breaking Bad? I’m finally all caught up. If you want to check out what I’m watching, follow the Jamhole on Miso. There might be some spoilers so, whatever.

Stars exploding are pretty awesome. Way better than any of your stupid puny fireworks. A star exploding WILL DESTROY YOU!

Whitefish Montana is a very interesting place. If you ever get the chance to see it, it’s worth the trip.

When you hear the word meth, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Drop us a comment. Or better yet, don’t.

Futurama started again, have you been watching? This episode really had something positive to say about voting. I fully endorse this message.

If your computer goes offline Monday, you are a complete retard. You have been warned. It’s called DNSChanger, and it has completely fucked your computers internet directory.

So, have you been following the Trayvon Martin case? Let’s discuss. I blame Al Sharpton.

You’re a grown ass cop, and she took your gun, then blew her brains all over YOUR FACE! Take me to the hospital!

I want one of these when they finish them. Man to machine! The Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-Embodiment or VERE project is coming pretty close.

We are so awesome, that on average, each bird is eating about 36.8 pieces of plastic. You’re welcome birds.

Polar bears fuck shit up.

If you have a cat litter box, you might want to kill yourself more. Read the study. Hey cats, quit being so gross. I will not tolerate a dirty cat.

How long would you carry a tumor before you got it taken out? Would you let it grow to over 50 pounds? If you want to check out Danni’s Tumor Documentary, it’s right here.

Thanks for listening, and thanks to the blue Bunny for stepping up for the show. You rock! Remember to follow us on the social, email, and I don’t know what your talking about. Happy listening! Is that weird to listen to? BYE!

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