Ep 180: New York City


” We can’t even talk in our thirteen hundred dollar hotel room?”

Hello and welcome to episode 180 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonight’s show we have two of our friends/fans on the show, mds and violachick. We talk about how shitty New York is and all that bullshit. Our neighbors tell on us multiple times for being to loud so we get the pleasure of having people interrupt our show to tell us to shut the fuck up. We had to stop the show and continue it the next day when viola and mds were gone.

Following those words we do some fuck my life, then we do some confessions, then we do some news. News stories include: Fucking in the Wal-Mart parking lot, 14 mistakes and 13 different bitches, when trying to light yourself on fire don’t forget the lighter, 5 year old rides the subway by himself for 34 stops, and a mom driving her children around to steal shit from cars.

A huge thanks to MDS and Violachick for coming to our shitty hotel room and bringing large bottles of expensive liquor and smokes for danni. I hope you had as much fun visiting as we have staying in this dump. Leave us voicemails at 406.204.4687. Follow the jamhole twitter account or sign up for sms updates on the side menu so you know when we are going to do our live shows there. We will do 3 or 4 shows while in New York with all sorts of special guests. As always you can get archived footage of the live video shows on the listen live page, on the myspace page, or right here at thejamhole.com/brachive. We will be back Thursday night sometime for episode 181.

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