Ep 191: Spring Cleaning


“I got paid to rub one out on this paper towel.”

Hello and welcome to episode 191 of made in Montana tri-weekly free comedy podcast. In tonight’s episode Mat has a mid-life pod crisis. Then we talk about some blah and some blahblahblah. After that we get into some meh and some bleh. Then we talk about some other shit but who really cares anymore, this is probably the last episode. Everyone email Mat and tell him how much you all love him and need to hear The Jamhole so he won’t be so depressed and get the sand out of his vagina. So we talk about the 7 clearly fake stories that fooled the mainstream media into thinking it was a real story, might want to check your sources. We probably talk about something else after that which leads us to talk about some other shit.

After that we do some fuck all our lives and do some news. News stories include: raping your class mate with a broomstick, seeing your own wife in your favorite porn, stealing cigarettes cuz times are hard, killing your daughter who’s pregnant with your own child, using your 1 year old to block a taser off your bro, killing your 13 year old girlfriend and showing off to your friends, burning the crotch of your 51 year old friend, clean your fucking fridge you disgusting pigs, 11 year old uses gun to force her little sister to play dolls, and hitting an old lady with a walker in your car because she is going to slow.

Leave us voicemails at 406.204.4687. Follow the mat jamhole twitter account or sign up for SMS updates on the side menu so you know when we are going to do our live shows there. Don’t forget, check the forums if you want to see the entire episode in video. You can also find archives of past livevideo shows in the livevideo section, the myspace page, or right here at thejamhole.com/brachive. Or if you would like to see the more recent high quality full length episodes, those are right here on the jamhole.com/ustream. We will be back Friday night around 11pm Montana time for episode 192.

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