Ep 216: Sting Operation


“I wish I didn’t feel anything either.”

Blood is thicker than water, but oil is thicker than blood. It’s too bad we cant power our vehicles on blood. Could you imagine? I bet we would look forward to our girls being on the rag if that was the case. I hate that saying. Blood is thicker than water. Who gives a shit, we are made up of mostly water, so go fuck yourself. When it comes right down to it, family will fuck you over just as hard as friends, only the family thinks they have a right to, simply because of the blood that flows in your veins. So every now and then I feel the need to cut myself shaving, simply to make the point that even though blood may be thicker than water, when I cut the shit out of myself because I am way too stoned to be shaving, water does not come out. Blood does. When my girlfriend is on the rag, it is not water that comes out of her twat, it is blood, and a little bit of unwanted egg. Sunny side up, just a little runny. That’s how I like it. You don’t see people getting hepatitis from a water transfusion do you? Well I suppose if the water had hepatitis in it they would, but that’s besides the point. What was my point? My point is this. People are people no matter their relation to you, so just watch your back. Especially the way things are going, because if you do not watch your back, you might find yourself suddenly losing a whole lot of blood because there is a knife in your back. Also, if you are on probation, it’s probably not a good idea to do drugs.

  • Here is the question of the week brought to you by the Basement Boyz. Long live the PGB!
  • You may be wondering where Zach the Felon is? Well, take a listen and find out. I’ll give you a hint, he’s n0t on his way to New York. I hope we can all learn a lesson from this.
  • Everyone has a relative that’s very familiar with the justice system. I blame the rap music.
  • Crazy Jesus lady teaches us how people can be good, but only with the help of Jesus Christ. Hey crazy jesus lady, stop being such a fucking creepy crazy bitch! Thank you.
  • Let’s discuss the movie Duplicity for a moment.
  • New Hampshire douche bag John Lynch trying to kill the medical marijuana thing. You are a fucking idiot John Lynch. Just look at his picture. What a fucking piece of shit.
  • There is a new virus on the loose and it’s kicking ass and taking names. Thanks china! Danni doesn’t seem to give a shit about this.
  • Twitter suspends accounts of those infected. Danni breaks down and cries her eyes out. We also learn that Mat does not fake the funk on a nasty dunk.
  • More Sara Palin ridiculousness. Have I mentioned how much I hate that stupid bitch?
  • You ¬†club seals, not cats you fucking idiot. Maybe they should have gotten a kiss from a rose on the grave…
  • More news about retards being tortured. If you would have had the abortion, you wouldn’t have gotten kicked down the stairs. That’s all.
  • Some good wholesome father son time… Florida style!
  • Danni puts in her two weeks notice, and tells her job to go fuck itself. In other news, her brother sets his truck on fire. Good stuff.
  • I have to get going to my 2:30 bestiality appointment. Work can be fun sometimes, unless you have Danni’s job.
  • We play some voicemails, Josh from bigmouths podcast is not pleased with Wells Fargo. We are not pleased with banks in general. Twentysix is on a bunch of vic’s! That’s what he needs.
  • September 25th we are gonna party like its 1999! Come celebrate 250 episodes of The Jamhole with us!

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