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The Jamhole is a FREE comedy podcast broadcasting through the internet. The show is currently hosted by Mat, BJ, and friends. Check out the Jamhole Guest List to see a slightly outdated list of everyone who has ever been on the show, whether rich and famous or poor and nameless.

We’re going to start doing live shows through the r/dabs Discord chat. Check it out and come hang out with a really cool community.

All great podcasts have a Patreon. Well, we have one too now, which can be found at Patreon.com/thejamhole or hit the button below. It’s an easy way for you to give us a few bucks a month to help offset the massive cost, both financially and mentally, that doing a show like this comes with.

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The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them whenever you want!. Find The Jamhole on Itunes, listen to the show on Stitcher, check us out on TuneIn, listen through Spotify, subscribe to the Jamhole on Google Podcasts, or subscribe to the show with BeyondPod using the RSS feed.

This means as soon as we post a new episode of The Jamhole, our feed is automatically updated and iTunes or whatever software you’re using will download the episode. Then when you sync your device the new episode is automatically updated.

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You can also check out the Live Shows page to see other live events we’ve done. You can access footage from our three live audience shows here or you can see the pages directly from the Jamhole 250th Episode page, the Jamhole 404th Episode page, and the 525th Episode page.

For everything else Jamhole related, check out the side menu.

If you would like to donate to the show, aka our lives, check out the Donate page.

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