Guest List

Here is a fairly complete list of everyone who has been on the Jamhole, in what appears to be no particular order.

Last updated 1-9-2021

Mat Lee – Creator of the Jamhole. Executive producer (if we even have one of those), audio / video engineer, web / graphic designer. The mastermind if you will. There will one day be legends written about me, in the form of a podcast. A podcast I’m currently in the middle of producing… It’s all very meta.

BJ – Current girlfriend, and the baby mamma. This one is a keeper. She’s also a ginger so watch out.

Ben Wilson – Another friend of ours from Kalispell. Ben got caught up in some bad stuff quite a long time ago, and now he’s a much better person for it. Or so he’ll tell you. Ben thinks the show is too negative so he keeps his space. In hindsight he was right. Those earlier shows were terrible. Ben was in one of our very first YouTube videos. Something about he never saw two girls one cup and all the list, and the listeners said that for him to come back on the show, that is what had to be done, so we filmed his reaction. Remember when people had reactions? Remember when our videos were shitty like that? Ben is now our neighbor and hosts the show with us.

Dana Whidden (Danni) – EX Girlfriend, first lady of the Jamhole. She was the cook, and my sexual playground. My flame, my muse. She also sings a bit. If Mat is the brains of this operation, Dana was definitely the body… And probably the brawn. Or was at least. We’ve moved on to greener pastures since this was last updated.

Brayden Schulze – Came in to keep the show going with me from the very start. He suffered through the early stages of the Jamhole to form it into the organic beast it is today. Without Brayden, there would be no Jamhole. So in theory, if you hate the Jamhole, you’d have to go back in time and kill Brayden, not Mat. Just so we’re clear.

Duncan Puffer – Duncan is fam. I met him at the water store and we got real close. He also has the Neon now, which is dope.

Robby Cale – I met Robby at the Poetry things I was doing for a while. He was a cool cat so we let him hang out with us.

Shaun Cubberly – aka the Hawk aka the Hat, aka Shaunni Giovanni aka Snek, honestly the list just goes on and on. Shaun started out as our Friday guy on episode 10, and then grew to become so much more. You might know him by one of his other names. You might know him as Lyrickal. He made the Rap Music Project with me while we were roommates. He is also the reason I perform at shows. Without Lyrickal, there wouldn’t really be any Rap Music Project. So if you hate rap music, you’d want to go back in time and kill Shaun, not Mat. Just so we’re clear.

Matthew Cubberly – Shaun’s brother, a gentle soul, if that soul had FAS and couldn’t modulate the volume of his own voice, so it always kind of sounds like he’s yelling at you. You can see Matt on the Jamhole Salvia Experiment part 2.1 and part 2.2. Matt is a jack of many trades, probably master of one or two. He’s my go to guy if I need someone taken out. You know, like on a date…

K-Dog – An ex girlfriend of mine and one hell of a dog trainer. She hosted the show for a bit, but it didn’t last long.

Adam Moore (the Drummer) – A good friend of the show, Adam is wicked on the drums, thus his name.

  • Ep 53 – First episode.
  • Ep 171: Cockroaches – Danni and Adam start out the show with a proper train wreck. I take partial responsibility for that. Damn, do you remember when we used to do 2 hour shows? What were we thinking?
  • Ep 173: Podcrap Alley – They completely redeem themselves. Nice work guys.
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Ryan Augusta (The Salt Guy) – Damn near as awesome as he is loud, this large man is like an ox in a china store, that’s ready to get demolished. We never liked each other in high school, but we’ve learned to live with it. This guy probably has the biggest heart out of any ogre I’ve ever seen. Get it, ogre? Because he likes playing world of warcraft… Anyways.

  • Ep 73.5 – First episode. A Saturday show that gets fucking drunk on Black Bush. You learn a lot about some local stuff that was going down at that time. Gotta love the relatives.
  • Ep 195: Alzheipalooza 2009 Part 1 – This was the very first live show the Jamhole ever did. We streamed all 13 hours of this outdoor concert that Ryan threw to raise money for Alzheimers. You can check out the uncut version of that concert at the bottom of the Live Shows page.
  • Ep 368: Pump and Dump – Ryan brings his girlfriend at the time Meg over to talk about our breakup, also known as a Pump and Dump. Thank you Ryan for coining that phrase.
  • 73.5, 80, 100, 133, 195 part 1, part 2, part 3, 368

MDS – Only listens to podcasts hosted by people he has met in real life, hailing from Danni’s home state, and our most fucked up state, MDS has traveled across the country two years in a row to come kick it with the Jamhole for our live audience show party! I met him on the KATG cruise, and we’ve been down ever since.

  • Ep 180: New York City – First episode. We recorded this live in a tiny, shitty, overpriced hotel room in New York. Gee NY, that’s a nice pile of trash you’ve got there.
  • Ep 248: Man Period – First episode in the Jamhole studio! Welcome to Montana.
  • Ep 671: The Paranoia Trend – The very last episode of the Jamhole before the first major hiatus. October 26th, 2015. The show then resumed February 28th 2019.
  • 180, 248, 250 251, 403, 405, 523, 671

Holly Hopper – My ex girlfriend from back in the day. We went through some pretty rough shit together, and I’m glad we both survived. Holly is an awesome chick. She also speaks Spanish. After our break up we used to slum the Blue & White together. How do you say The Jamhole in Spanish?

Ryan Micklewright ( 3.31.82 – 11.28.10) – Our second salt guy, Ryan was a great friend, and we all miss him everyday. He was our crowd camera guy for the 250 and 404 live shows. Hey Ryan, if you are watching this, please tell your sister to stop being a weird cunt. She totally blocked me from your Facebook memorial page. Weird right? Apparently she doesn’t think we represented you in a very good light. I begged to differ.

26z – Using a variety of instruments and techniques, 26z creates a portrait of excessiveness that borders the darker side of pop culture. They are an industrial band we met at Alzheipalooza 2009. They are always a fun group to have on the show. Their music isn’t like anything you’ve ever heard before. Unless you listen to industrial, of course. You can check out their ReverbNation page to hear some of their tunes. They remind me of Hellraiser if he was a musician.

Ashley Allegro – The great Smashely, probably rocking the biggest set of tits any Jamhole friend has ever rocked. Also she is one of Danni’s best friends. And she’s a chick! Weird right? Big dicks to the front! You should absolutely check out her work on the Jamhole 250 show.

  • Ep 245: Neosemen – First episode. Can I call you Dana on the show? All the dudes listening to this episode probably jerked off to her voluptuous voice. Drunk bowling, great stuff.
  • 245, 250, 263, 277

David Alstadter – Owner of Anna’s and one of our good friends. Speed demon car junkie. He let’s us use the restaurant once a year for our live show. He also came to New York with us to party with Keith and the Girl.

Marc Lee – My dear brother, no one tears up a crowd on the one’s and two’s like this kid. He also dabbles in making hip hop beats for me. Check out Dub Hop to hear our first attempt at a song together. Honestly, it’s still one of my favorite tracks.

  • Ep 311: WEPback – First episode. We talk about Marc teaching me how to hack WEP. Good times.
  • Spork Roast Ep 21: End of the Recession (Live Jamhole 404 after party) Hear Marc good and wasted talking some hilarious shit.
  • 311, 312, 414

Richard Lavelle – My grandfather. World War II vet, and police chief Liutenant from New York. He’s where I get all my Sicilian from. I’m super happy I was able to get him on the podcast to chat about shit.

Jeff Grob aka Grub E. Fresh – Jeff is one of the hobo homies. We met in 7th or 8th grade at this lutheran private school in Montana. He showed me the way of the dark side and how to be a real slippy. He’s living in a van now.

Buck – Buck was one of those friends from Montana from way back. I tried to help him when he ended up here in Eugene, but he just ended up getting fired from the job and allegedly stealing from my friends. He’s on the Jamhole shit list for now.

Odie – A good friend from way back, Odie came with me on the Katg cruise. Odie is also the reason our live audience shows look so good. I promise I’ll take real good care of your camera. Odie is basically an ultra bad ass. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the truck camping pictures. Or the cruise pictures.

  • Ep 72 – First episode. Part 1 of the post cruise wrap up.
  • 72 part 1, 72 part 2, 78, 300

Rainette – The girl I met at the metal show. She was a cool chick. Slightly odd, but still cool in an artsy kind of way. She contributed so much to this show. For that, I’m glad we met. You can catch her peeing her pants in the Jamhole Salvia videos part 2.1 and part 2.2. She made some pretty cool candles, and we had some good times. I still drive by her house to this day on my delivery route. She waves sometimes.

Marcus the Retard Farmer – A friend of ours, also Ben’s roommate for a bit. Marcus is one of the Jamhole’s many red headed step children. Because he worked at a place that in essence “Farmed” retards, he will always be known as the Jamhole’s Retard Farmer. I capitalized Retard Farmer because it’s a title.

Travis Allison – We started the Jamhole together, in the office where I work still. It was my idea, and I thought he would be a great host, and he was for the 3 episodes he managed to stay for. He also still has my KATG ipod nano. Just saying.

  • Ep 1 – First episode. First episode of the Jamhole ever. Note to self, don’t ever release the first 9 or so episodes of a new podcast. Especially if you have never done a podcast before. You will thank me later.
  • 125

Chad (our third salt guy) – We used to play baseball together back in the day. My dad helped coach the Kalispell Police Department team that we were on. Now we work together. He’s a packers fan, but we won’t hold that against him. They are the sado masochistic type. Look at me cracking sports jokes like I know what I’m talking about.

  • Ep 445: Professional Help – First episode. We talk about how we both thought using hard drugs was the way to enlightenment. This is a great episode and a wonderful introduction to our friend Chad.
  • 445, 447

Kelly (aka Ben Puffin) – One of the newer friends of the Jamhole, Kelly is a local caregiver who grows some seriously good chronic. Jamhole tested, Hot Box approved. Two stoney green thumbs up. The last time he was on the show, he totally forgot his checkbook here. It’s STILL here. I’m thinking of having it framed so I can hang it on the wall behind me.

Jon Cheney – A friend of Dana’s who kicked it on the show with us a couple of times. I’m honestly not quite sure what ended up happening to him. I’m sure he’s still around town. Note to self, try to get Jon Cheney back on the show. He was fun.

  • Ep 198: Namek – First episode. Also, first time Dana was running the record button. She did a great job. There was some Dragonball Z talk in this one if I’m not mistaken.
  • 198, 200

Zack Da Felon – He used to be a friend of Dana’s but then he over stayed his welcome. He pretty much wrecked the shit out of Dana’s car once, and then went to jail or something. I think he still has a Twitter account floating around out there. I just hope that when he gets out of jail this time, he does something constructive with his life. Because coming up here would be the opposite. Coming up here when you get out of jail would be completely destructive. Honestly though, the story is pretty amusing. I really wanted to like this kid, but sometimes shit happens. No hard feelings right?

  • Ep 207: Rap Sheet – First episode. We get a nice introduction to the mind of Zack. How Dana met him, and how he went from there to running from the cops in Dana’s car. It’s a great story.
  • Ep 211: Angels and Demons – Let’s read the police report from when Zack wrecked Dana’s car. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy this story?
  • 207, 211

Alana Hotbutt (aka Bunny on Belay) – One of our first hardcore local fans. I tried to date her a long time ago. We went mountain biking together and I was hooked. She was not. It’s cool though, she has been a HUGE supporter of the show and is the one woman Jamhole street team. She made some wicked jello shots for the Jamhole 404 party. She is so sexy, and you can see her dancing a bit on the Jamhole Grizzly Jacks commercial we made.

Ant Pruitt – Ant is another cool cat I met while doing the Byte / aNewDomain thing. He’s been a super good friend, both online and IRL. Ant is doing what I always wanted to do when I first started podcasting. He’s got a great job with Twit. I’m super jelly. We love you Ant!

Myke Holling – My super coder computer geek friend. Owner of and!. Myke hosted the Jamhole in it’s beginning stages absolutely free. We never would have gotten the show up and running without Myke’s help. He taught me a lot about RSS and computers in general, among other things. He is one of the few IRL friends of mine I can talk geek with and actually get a stimulating conversation out of. Also for all you Jamhole trivia geeks out there, it was Myke’s house (The Data Dungeon) that we recorded our very first Pr0dukt rap album at. I still have this, if you want a copy, I’ll consider it. But don’t count on it.

  • Ep 4 – First episode. These early episodes are TERRID. I blame myself, not my friends. I highly recommend you do not ever listen to them. Worst.
  • 4, 113

Tyler Crumb – One of my best friends, after my dad died and I had to move out of the house, Tyler’s dad took me in. We also traveled all over the place while working for Alamon Telco. Tyler is one of the few friends I have that can keep up with my cannabis smoking. A bro among bro’s. He got me into that dodgeball thing that we got kicked out of. You can see those videos here.

  • Ep 305: Moral Compass – First episode. We were so super stoked to play some dodgeball. I’m glad he has more restraint than I do. He played out the whole season.
  • Ep 396: Where’s my Money – Tyler steps in to take over co hosting with me. He saved my ass for sure.
  • 305, 396, 577

Michael Whidden Jr. (Dana’s brother) – A cool cat and one of the best flute players I’ve ever heard in person. This kid is a music composing genius. You can see him on the Jamhole 250 show. He was gay when he first came on the Jamhole, but he’s engaged to a lovely young lady now. Mission accomplished.

Keith Malley (Keith and The Girl) – Host of the ever so popular Keith and The Girl podcast. We started out as friends, or so I thought. I first met Keith in person on the Katg Cruise. It was really cool to hang out with someone I really looked up to. Then he called a couple of times. I was really honored to have him on our show. He hates me now, and that’s cool. We all have our short comings. He was also in the movie Crushed, and has a two books out. One on relationships, which is quite ironic in hindsight, and the other is an autobiography. He is also a pretty successful stand up comic. Did I mention they played one of my rap songs at the end of a show?

John Tullar – Came down for the Jamhole 250 show. Host of A Scathing Review, and one of the first people to ever interview me.

Seth Heringer – Another cat I met doing the Byte and aNewDomain thing. He was our super religious friend and I appreciate him humoring me, and trying to save my soul.

Nigel Truffleburrry – Nigel aka Tulu is a good friend of ours we met when we moved to Washington to start working in the cannabis industry. He showed me what heady glass was all about, and he’s one of the better pool players I know.

Sage Doux – Doux is the heady bone carver. He makes some super cool art, and we’ve had him on the show a couple times.

Oh Doctah – This dude was a good sport. Clearly more of a professional than we are. Also way more funny.

Kevin Jones – Kevin is a funny dude. I don’t remember where or how I met him, but he’s a homie. I think he’s also a comedian.

Betty 1 – A girl I met at the gas station one day. She filmed the very first recordings of a Jamhole episode. She was a hot young bible thumping virgin I thought would come around to think about things logically. Of course that never happened. Her mother also hated me for some weird unknown reason.

  • Ep 19 – We really give her a full dose of The Jamhole. She came back a couple times after that, but only to dick tease me. She tries to explain why she likes me even though I am a godless heathen.

Jesse Boeke – Brother of one of the girls I work with. After working with Jesse for a bit, we became pretty good friends. Jesse is a cool kid with a lot of potential. Let’s just hope he doesn’t blow it.

  • Ep 31 – First episode. Jam packed studio. Great times. Scuba Steve was also on this episode. Decided to call pot “Rape.” Hey, do you wanna go smoke some rape?

Scuba Steve – A friend of Jesse’s, one of our earliest local friends of the show.

  • Ep 31 – Came to the studio with Jesse. Yo, that was DOPE son!

Rochelle Hansen – Brayden’s sexy ass ex girlfriend, and one of the best photographers I’ve ever met. This girl takes the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen, besides the pictures I take of course. But seriously, she’s a cool chick for sure. I think she even got freaky with an out of state podcaster at the Jamhole 250 show. She was also on the Jamhole Salvia videos.

  • Ep 50 – A pretty epic milestone for the Jamhole. We are happy to have been able to share that with Rochelle.

Christian Lander – He started the site Stuff White People Like, which he then turned into a couple of books. Christian Lander was the Jamhole’s first interview ever. I read his book and figured I would email him just for the hell of it. He ended up getting back to me and I got him on the show. I remember taking my cell phone and putting it in a mic stand so the speaker was next to the mic just so I could record the call. Damn we were ghetto back then. His first book, Stuff White People Like is fucking hilarious. He has a second book out now called Lighter Shades of Pale. We’ll get him back on the show as soon as I’m done reading it. I highly recommend checking out his stuff. Here is a video of him for his new book. Here is one of his YouTube accounts, white thug.

MaryAnn (The Mom) – My loving mother, without her, there would be no Jamhole, no rap music, no Mat Lee, nothing. Nothing as far as I am concerned at least. One of the best mother’s a child could hope for. She has come a long way since back in the day. Honestly though, without her help, I would be dead right now. I really do owe her my life.

  • Ep 100: Warlock Couch Fucker – First episode. The Jamhole’s 100th episode party. If you really want to delve into my psyche, this is the episode to listen to. Probably a good first episode for any new Jamhole listener.

Mat Wells – The first kid I ever met when I moved to Montana in 5th grade. He was the bad influence I thought was so cool. One of my best friends in the valley, and Dana’s boss. He is the bass player for a local metal band named Vengeance. They shred for sure. Did you know if your hand is bigger than your face, you have cancer?

  • Ep 121: Triforce of Mat – I was so proud of this episode. 3 Mat’s on one episode. Can you even begin to handle this shit?

Kickball Kyle – I don’t really know too much about this kid, except we played kickball together, and he has some pretty interesting friends. You can catch some footage of him on the Jamhole Kickball and the Tall Bike video.

Brittany – Some random chick I met at the gas station. I bring home strays sometimes. I honestly think we scared her. She was pretty sexy if I remember correctly.

  • Ep 128: Group Hug – First episode. We made her feel awkward enough to leave. You’ll be wet when I say you’re wet. We were creepy. We were all about the chloroform back then.

Jessica Alcott – Musician and artist and loving mother. We go way back. She dated my friends, I dated her sister… For like a week. I had a crush on her f0r the longest time. Nothing ever came of it. That’s how it goes sometimes.

  • Ep 157: Pig Pen – I wrecked this intro, so that was pretty awesome. Isn’t her voice angelic? In the presence of another girl, Dana professes how much she likes me.

Jeremy Lesniak – Another cool cat I met during the Byte and aNewDomain days. Jeremy also hosted Attack of the Androids with us for a while.

Kyle Miller (Cookie) – A good friend of ours, and another one of my computer geek friends. Cookie had a lot of life learning experiences courtesy of me. I’m sure he’s a much better person because of it.

  • Ep 159: Fiction – First episode. We discuss all of the things I taught him growing up.

Violachick – One of the friendliest ladies I’ve ever met because of this show. She is such a nice girl. Violachick came by our hotel room in New York with MDS. We had a great time kicking it with you guys. Check out the Jamhole New Yorkvideos to see her in action.

Adam HinikerJoe Cocozello – The Ear Candy New York hosts, they were gracious enough to invite us into their studio to do a show. We did an episode of Ear Candy NY with them, then they did an episode of the Jamhole with us. Great guys, and that Adam sure knows how to drop a sick hip hop beat. They have played a couple of my songs on their show, which gives me street cred in this rap game. Joe has since moved on to bigger and better things, but Adam still does the show with a new co pilot. His name is Vance.

  • Ep 181: Ranch Humor – Broadcasting live from the Ear Candy New York studio. This is a great episode.

Joe Cocozello – We met Joe at the Ear Candy NY podcast, and have been friends ever since. I think these days he’s doing something with animals and comedy.

Jeff Hickel – Another local friend of the show. Another red headed step child of the Jamhole. Jeff is a soft spoken kid, but inside that quiet face of his, is a super smart master plan of world domination. I knew it was the red heads.

Uncle Wayne – Dana’s uncle, he supports the show in many ways, and the show supports him right back.

  • Ep 208: Resignation – Wayne was with us when we read Brayden’s resignation. Sad times. I think he was also with us during Alzheipalooza as well. He was also at the Jamhole 250 show and the 404 show.

The Vagina Spiders – Local punk group, and all around party animals. We first met these guys at Alzheipalooza, and Dana fell in love. We brought them on the show, and they got wasted and played with the big purple dong. Good times.

  • Ep 210: Vagina Spiders – I’m not even going to try and make sense of this. I think at one point we discuss the death of Michael Jackson.

I.Q. – Hip hop artist. In my humble opinion, he ended up having an ego that eclipsed his skill. He seemed like a nice kid and all, but I think coming from a rich background, he was able to do anything he wanted, so he started rapping. He was quoted in a Myspace message saying something to the effect that I have the most lyrical talent living n nOh well, I’m not hating. I hope he makes it in this rap game.

  • Ep 219: HPV – Quite the episode. I’m a rapper, but I don’t listen to rap. Ok dude, whatever you say.

Ward Falk and Josh Childers (The Basement Boyz) – Podcast friends of ours out of Idaho. They came up and did the after party for the Jamhole 250 show, and I went down to their 100th episode party. The Basement Boyz have changed hosts a couple times, but right now they have a pretty solid crew.

  • Ep 250 – They came down and rocked the after party for ep 250.

Zoe Vette – From the group Zoe Vette and The Revolvers, she called in to talk about her upcoming tour. One cool bad ass chick for sure. I had a real hard time pronouncing her name right.

  • Ep 252: Smokers Welcome – Zoe Vette calls in at the beginning of the show as part of the North American Rock Pod Tour. Hell yea we were a tiny little part of that. We talk about her musical influences and living the life of a modern day rock star.

Timmy Withrow and Nathan WheezHead – My little Mexican brother from another mother. I met Timmy through Holly, and he quickly became our adopted little brother. Timmy had a hard life, only to have his father try to kill him. His dad actually shot him twice. We talk about it on the Jamhole 250 show.

  • Ep 253: Pull Out – Timmy and his friend Nathan “Wheez Head” come on the show. I believe this was our first live musical performance on the show. I also remember the levels sucking really bad. We’ve gotten much better at that.

Cori Beebe – Dana’s lesbian friend. I don’t know what else to really say about her. She’s a cool chick. She’s had a tough life.

  • Ep 259: Beating Around the Bush – Appropriately named I suppose. I think Cori was the Jamhole’s first lesbian. Nice! Cori explains what happened in her life to cause her living situation to be as it is. It’s really a heart wrenching story. But one all too familiar.

Tim Henson – The host of Distorted View and media darling. This “man” is truly living the American Dream. He is making his living from podcasting. You sir, are a great “man.” This was another super cool interview for the Jamhole. I’ve been listening to DV since 2005, and it’s one of the few podcasts Dana actually listens to, so it was huge for us to have him on our show.

  • Ep 278: Cool Whip – Another check off the bucket list, Tim Henson calls in to chat with us. Dana’s favorite interview ever.

Chris Alstadter – The other brother from Anna’s New York Pizza in Kalispell Montana, Chris has a heart as big as his appetite. Definitely a good kid to have on your team.

Josh Barkley (It’s classified) – A friend of Dana’s from way back, now does something that he can’t tell anyone about. Honestly, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. He probably washes cars or something.

  • Ep 302: Business or Pleasure – It’s really cool to go on a talk show when you aren’t allowed to talk about anything. What was the point of that again? Oh well, it made for some fairly decent conversation.

Hunter (hack.planet) – A friend of my brother, Hunter used to come out and hack stuff with us. He’s a cool kid for sure.

  • Ep 322: Monster Head – For Hunter’s 17th birthday, we let him come to the Jamhole studio and hang out. Good times had by all. I think this was the first episode we told the 2012 doom sayers to sign over all of their belongings to us. I still say that’s a great idea.

Chemda Kahili – The Girl from Keith and The Girl. Singer, podcaster, retired party clown. The second lesbian and first Jew (that I’m aware of) we’ve ever had on the Jamhole. Nice!

  • Ep 323: Reset – Called in with Keith Malley to talk about their book. I think she also gave us some relationship advice. Which is again, ironic in hindsight.

Bob (Beezer) – If I had to pick, out of all of my real life friends, I would say that Bob has had the biggest influence in my life. We have gone through a lot of shit together, some of it made us stronger, some of it, probably not so much. Bob is one of the super best friends. He was also the first kid I ever rapped with. We started a group called Pr0dukt. The first time I ever performed hip hop in front of people, it was with Bob.

  • Ep 338: Spokompton – We get into some deep shit on this episode. Bob knows all sorts of crazy shit about me.

Capital Z (Stereo Radiation podcast) – Show of hands, who remembers the Stereo Radiation podcast? It was a great show, and I believe they were one of the first shows we started a fun little podcast beef with. I really wish they would have kept making shows.

  • Ep 362: Pottery – Capital Z calls in to explain Twilight to everyone who might not understand yet. Very informative.

Jake Jarvis – A good friend of ours from way back. Parents, lock down your daughters, and husbands, keep an eye on your wives, because when the Jarvmeister is on the prowl, it’s on like Donkey Kong. Just take one look at his profile pic and you can see why. It’s not his fault, I blame genetics. I used to work with this kid back in the day at the old Alltel store. What a stupid fucking job that was.

  • Ep 375: Mono On – We learn all about Jakes mad rapist ways in this episode. This is a very informative episode of the Jamhole, especially if you frequent bars at all.
  • Ep 548: Thank You Jake

Nicole Nunya and Brie – A couple of good ol gals from Ohio, we met Nicole and Brie in person during the Jamhole 404 party week. Good times were had by all. Brie sent Dana a shit load of beads, most of the little ones got all over the floor. I think the cat even ate some. Thanks!

  • Ep 403: Forbidden – The episode before the big 404 live show. We packed the studio for this episode.

Drew (aka Redfox) – Host of Sporkroast, we’ve been podcast buddies for quite a while. Drew came down to kick it with us for the Jamhole 404 show. He’s a hardcore skeptic who will no doubt one day become president. I’m pretty much banking my future on that. Life will be good.

  • Ep 403: Forbidden – The episode before the big 404 live show. We packed the studio for this episode. I know, I just copy and pasted that, but I’m ready for this to be finished. Sorry Drew.
  • Ep 516.5: Robby Wake Up – This was part of the 24 hour shit show we did in July 2011.

Ian Baker – Ian hosted the Hot Box podcast with me for a bit and helped feed my weed habit. He was a super cool cat. I think he got into metal working or something.

Chris Neal – One of my computer friends from Montana.

Tipton – One of Danni’s cook friends.

Zen Shawn – One of my good friends who kept me going during the water store days. He died. RIP Shawn, you were a bad ass.

Mikey – Danni’s little brother. He was always a good sport.

Joey Kelley – A tech cat and photographer I met while working for Byte and aNewDomain.

Sabriand – A homie from way back in the day. We played a lot of Ingress together.

Matt Besser (Upright Citizens BrigadeThis Show Will Get You High) – Actor, comedian, writer. Raised a proud Razorback in Little Rock, Arkansas, Matt Besser attended Amherst College where he learned how to collect CDs. After graduating, Matt toured the Midwest doing stand-up, while taking improvisation direction from Del Close at Chicago’s Improv Olympic Theater.

  • Ep 417: Holy Magoly – Matt Besser calls in to the Jamhole to talk about his latest project airing on Comedy Central called This Show Will Get You High. We stray into all sorts of other topics, so sit down, blaze one and learn a little something about Matt Besser… And yourself.