Ep 379: Splice


“We need more funding, we’re gonna get fucked.”

I found an interesting little story here about a gentleman who lost his son, because his son was away at college and thought it would be a good idea to mix oxycontin, xanax, AND alcohol. Umm, duh? You can’t mix a powerful opiate with a just as powerful benzodiazapene and then wash it all down with some alcohol and expect your heart to continue beating like nothing happened. Don’t they teach you anything in college? I really like the headline that says Oxycontin prescription abuse “a silent, growing problem” among youths. Really? Growing problem I completely agree with, but please, take one moment right now to do a google news search for oxycontin, then tell me how silent this problem is. There is absolutely nothing silent about people who are so addicted to this drug that they are willing to go rob pharmacys and sick people to get them. Speaking from experience with a bad oxycontin addiction, I can tell you that basically you have two choices. Kill yourself, or go get more pills, regardless of the consequences. There is no possible way to formulate into words what it’s like to go through severe opiate withdrawals. It is hands down the worse thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Fuck child birth and Hellraiser, this is pain. The really ironic part about this story is that the kid drove down to southern California a week earlier and paid some doctor $75 and left the office with 90 oxys, 30 xanax, and 90 muscle relaxants. Let’s all give a huge round of applause to all the doctors out there making a HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY from selling the most addictive substance known to man. I guess you have to break a couple eggs if you want to make an omlette right? They say it’s such a problem because people have this false sense of security, because it comes from a doctor. So you get people that might not normally try drugs because of how illegal they are, but when you have a prescription for them from a doctor, you are good to go. The next thing you know you stop taking them and feel like you want to blow your brains out all over the inside of your bedroom closet. You have to understand, there is some really good honest doctors out there, but doctors are human too, and humans are greedy mother fuckers. So it happens, but people within themselves, have this desire to get fucked up. Not all, but most. The doctors are just providing a way to do that. What an amazing world we live in.

  • Make your travel plans now for the second annual Jamhole live audience show. Episode 404 in the 406, it’s going to be a fucking party. If you wanna see what happened at the first live audience show, check out the Jamhole 250 page. Rsvp on the forums or the facebook group.
  • Shaun is a fucking slob to live with. Do your fucking dishes.
  • August 14th we’ll be rapping at Distink’d tattoo shop. If you’re local come down and hang out. There’s going to be quite a few bands playing.
  • Paybacks a bitch when you get your ass tossed off a wave runner. I’m sorry about your shoulder. Skipping off the water is awesome.
  • When everything is brown, the whites look out of place. Oh what it would be like to live in Arizona.
  • Diabetes rage is a very real, very serious problem.
  • Anyone wanna party in Seattle during Hempfest with the Hot Box? We’re trying to make it there, it’s looking like it’s going to happen. We’ll keep you posted. It’s August 21st and 22nd.
  • Playing at the scoreboard is epic, especially when the audience is 5 people. Danni seemed to have a little aggression towards that bar. I wonder why?
  • Fight! Fight, a nigger and a white! Hahaha. Does anyone remember that little rhyme from grade school? Is it weird that I do? I blame the Christian school I was forced to go to. Rap all of the sudden just got real around here.
  • I totally blow up the movie Splice. If you don’t want it ruined, don’t watch it.
  • Let’s all take a minute to point and laugh at the world’s first FULL face transplant patient. This is the same reason it’s not a good idea to buy the brand new apple smartphone. Let someone else try it and figure out that it’s kind of shit.
  • Darth Vader robbed a bank in New York. Only in New… Can you count how many Star Wars references?
  • Poisoning your daughter by mainlining some poop. 50cc’s of feces. Where were you when the shit popped off?
  • California cops are having a problem with all the gays in Palm Springs. Hahaha. Gay… No homo.
  • Let’s close the show with stories about how we have hurt our own faces. In memory of the face transplant guy.
  • Donate some cash and help pay some bills. You get this shit for free, come the fuck on. Or check out the store. Don’t worry, it’s not cafepress.

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