Ep 427: Enhanced Pat Down


“Dude, every chick’s had that funky smell.”

I agree, some things are just no laughing matter. Then again, some things are. Who gets to decide what goes where? Does anyone even care anymore? Because from the looks of things, the world is fresh out of care. Nothing left but dares and snares, and if you fall for the latter you make tears in file shares. So tear a piece off for me and lets sit down and discuss the after life. Disaster. Tragic disaster.

  • Thanks to everyone who nominated us for the 2010 podcast awards. We got the mature nomination.
  • Check out all the cool audio / video from the 2010 MMGA Cannabis Conference.
  • Happy birthday Redfox. Listen to the Jamhole 404 after show brought to you by Sporkroast.
  • MDS does not own a fuck yea suck yea hat. But I finally know where it came from.
  • Thanksgiving up at Danni’s parents house was pretty fucking awesome. Smoking pot at the dinner table when you have a feast like that is the fucking way it should be done.
  • I am not a realtor, please stop asking me to broker your house. Danni got pretty fucking high from a muffin. Props to the baker.
  • Kill the Tv. Commercials are seriously fucking you up.
  • Does anyone care about the AmA’s? You don’t really take that shit seriously right? Right guys?
  • Nice work on the last couple of episodes guys. Very funny stuff.
  • Come join the chat, watch the Jamhole live, and play slots.
  • Left humiliated, crying, and covered in his own urine. After a sex slave session you might be thinking? Did he get raped? Something like that. Nice work TSA! You broke this man’s pee bag.
  • Danni tells us about dropping off black people at the airport.
  • What if I was a racist rapper? Oh man.
  • Hey state of California, why are you trying to adopt out rats? NY just lets them live in the sewers. That’s probably where they came from. Of course Danni tells us a story about feeding baby rats to a snake.
  • Fire and cotton do not go together very well. Unless you are trying to start shit on fire. Then they go together perfectly. It’s a good thing Jesus was there to save the Lamb of God.
  • In between yawns, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t ride your rascal whip down the highway at night.
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