Ep 435: Life Camp


“You could have at least raped girls your own age, man.”

Hello there, long time no see. I got a couple more hip hop songs recorded, but they are deep rough drafts for me and a slim select few to hear. You can hear them once the album is done. I’ll try and put a couple of new songs on the Jamhole music page once they are in a more finalized version. Time has been limited and of course the work load always increases. All I really have to say is this. Go join the Forums and interact with the show. It’s fun! Also, thank you to everyone who has donated this month for our late friend Ryan’s two year old. You still have a few days left, and after that, if you would still like to donate to him, email info@thejamhole.com and I’ll give you the information.

  • Welcome to the Jamhole. If you are new, we do these shows live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday usually around 7pm PT / 10pm ET on JamholeTv.
  • Season finale’s of two of our favorite shows have finally come and gone. First of all, Dexter was pretty fucking awesome. You might not wanna listen to the first ten minutes if you don’t want this spoiled. Walking Dead was also totally awesome. We both look forward to the next seasons. If you wanna keep up on the TV and movies we watch, follow the jamhole on Miso.
  • It’s almost Christmas, if you want to send us something, we have a Jamhole PO Box. We also have a couple of wish lists on the site, so check em out and spread the love. Of course you can always donate cold hard cash if that’s your thing.
  • You know what Danni got for Christmas? A pretty wicked big phone bill. She definitely needs some help, so if you guys can kick down, nows the time.
  • Ja Rule sentenced to 2 years in jail. I’m glad he’s found something else to do with his time. You suck at rapping, how you made it so big is beyond me. This is just a minor set back to a major come back… Yea right… now pull that tip out of your mouth and go get a job.
  • Fashion has died. That is all. I blame reality television, and New Jersey.
  • If you look like this, I’m going to go ahead and give you a free pass to rape. Just keep it on the down low. God sure does have a sense of humor. Everything you do is indecent. I bet Halloween is awesome though.
  • Look at how much religion has helped this family. A fucking douche bag even unto death. You are all going to hell.
  • Like father like son. Maybe dad should have hung out just a tad bit longer. Not a good day for the Madoff family. DING!
  • Some people have set themselves on fire to make a political point, others do it out of sheer stupidity. We will all miss the Boombox Kid. FLAME ON!
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