Ep 457: Kill Gill


“You ain’t gonna catch a black lady addicted to tanning.”

Life ain’t funny when you ain’t got no money, and the clock strikes 4:20 and you wanna get high. There’s plenty of shit to read on this site so I’m not going to take up anymore of our time here. I’ve written pages and pages of inane brain bits each one so tasty like I strain to intake it.

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  • We’ve been keeping up with My Strange Addiction. So far, white people are destroying the black people with the weird fucking shit they do. We have some motherfucking problems white people. We can’t take responsibility for our own fucked up actions. It’s always someone else right?
  • The rock lady should have been a geologist or something. At least she’s not hooked on crack.
  • The OCD cleaning freak was completely tripping out. Watching her reminds everyone of how dirty the world we live in is. I feel bad for the people that have to put up with these strangely addicted weirdos.
  • This 19 year old girl is hopelessly addicted to soap. I’m curious why she didn’t make the cut. Perhaps none of her friends cared enough to send in her story. Note the soap glamor shots. Also note how we try to change up the news section of the show. I enjoyed it. We’ll try to do more things like this in the future. Let’s just hope that black ladies keep acting the fool.
  • You had something growing inside of you, and it just figured out how to grow tentacles. Kill Gill! I want one of those shirts if any of our awesome listeners know this guy. You know daddy swing a big o wee. If you want to see what Danni had growing inside of her, check out our surgery documentary.
  • If there’s one thing you DON’T EVER DO in this house, it’s getting the toilet paper roll wet. I will punch a baby to fucking death if that happens. Oh shit son. You don’t know, maybe it was the last roll.
  • Who knows about cock fighting? Bird’s not penis. Thank you. This is what happens when cock fighting goes horribly wrong. That bird killed fatally stabbed you in the leg. I bet you didn’t wake up this morning thinking you were gonna get killed by your cock. I sure am surprised that doesn’t happen more often.
  • Where is the best place to hide your dismembered mothers body? Well duh, in the freezer of course. Great thinking bro.
  • The great majestic scavenger that is the bald eagle versus an Amtrak train. Dude, that is a super sweet hood ornament.
  • Not only did you hit this poor grandmother, but you drug her body for a couple blocks. Then again, if you weren’t hooked on Methadone, you wouldn’t have been outside on the street at 4 in the morning. I blame the Methadone. Another one bites the dust!
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