Ep 536: Dope Off


“You’re the Windows Vista of my relationship.”

No days off, get the fuck to work, some of us haven’t had a day off since we’ve been born. Such jerks! WE have no schedule because of the worlds in collision. Look forward to this silly third world transmission.

– You’re going to Missoula to pick up Ashley. Supposed to do a show when they got back. Yea, that didn’t happen. She fell the fuck asleep.

160 days for life now. You should really change what your sign says. IT was 40 days for life about 3 years ago. Where’s Jesus now?

– You cannot make a living selling back alley abortions here. Make a YouTube video. We need a walkthrough.

– I have dominion over these animals and I encourage them to fuck like rabbits. IF you

– Look, we did get nominated! So did the Hot Box. Now please go vote at podcast awards dot com. The Hot Box is the ONLY cannabis show in news / politics. Make it happen!

Mike Boudet from Am I Bugging You? offered some lovely words of wisdom to our gracious fans, and his. ANSWER THE PHONE! See what happens when you don’t answer the phone? Danni reads your shit!

– Who’s birthday month is it? Yea, it’s mine, and I’m going to be 31 this year. Can we all have a nice sigh… You can PO Box me something cool, or send us e money.

– We go blow for blow here, that’s how it is. Be nice. HEY SKYPE, if I wanted to update, I would have updated the first TWENTY FUCKING TIMES you’ve asked. Listen here Skype. I don’t need this from you.

– Check out episode’s 534.1 and 534.2 for the Jamhole Occupy Wallstreet coverage. We hooked up a Google public hangout and streamed the footage from the global revolution live stream. Let’s do that again some time.

– Are you leading these sheep to the slaughter so to speak? You made these people occupy this bridge.

– You were warned, now you are arrested. How’s the prison business? Business is booming. If you care to discuss any of this in between episodes, hop on the forums and participate.

– Did you know we have child pornographers in our midst? No good Kelly Ray Burris. No good at all. Child porn should be schedule one.

Have you seen this beetle? He’s gonna go fuck that bottle. He’s partial to the brown one’s with the bobbility bits. Happy Ig Nobel prize!

– What do you know about setting yourself on fire… In Toronto!

– Let’s do a soccer / football bit, all for the sake of this guy who got whacked by a train. That’s the news!

– It’s amazing no one was killed, and Paul Hogan was there, he’s the mayor. We’ve witnessed a miracle here today. The plane hit the Ferris Wheel. Coming in HOT!

– I challenge you to a dope off. I shot you under the table.

– Danni discusses the finer points of the awesome people here that do the free dentist clinic. God bless health care. Big bucks, no whammys.

– What were they thinking with Windows Vista? I will never understand that. I hope you enjoy my metaphor. You are the Windows Vista of my relationship. Mista Vista, just straight fucking shit up.

– Yea, we get it Mat, just end the fucking show.

– The Jamhole 525 show is out for FREE over on YouTube. Huge thanks to Keith Mcnally over at KeithCourage.com for putting that together for us. You rock the cat box sir.

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