Ep 206: Intersex


“I videotaped myself having sex with said person.”

Stop rhyming at me please, she said as she looked at my steez, my disease she sneezed, my knees feel a breeze.  She seriously hates when I do that, and that’s fine. My time is my time and I’ll rhyme if I want to.  See there, I wasn’t even trying to rhyme, it just happens. I cant help it, I guess you could call it bad habits. I’m kinda like a sad bag attendant, waiting for a new job to pay the mad cash cow tax bandit. I honestly can’t stand it. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Your a bunch of fatty slammed hamlets.

  • We wizard rock out with our lizard cocks out.
  • Josh you creepy fuck. Stop making me feel awkward.
  • If you suck my cock I’ll sing happy birthday to you.
  • Crazy people acting crazy. I should have taken the picture.
  • Hey lady at the gas station, you look and breathe like a pug.
  • Live audience show Episode 250, September 25th 2009. Be there, Kalispell MT!
  • This is how you talk about illegal shit on air. You killed the horse, then beat on it more.
  • Grab a beer then explain why there is video of me having sex on that camera over there. We like to call it Intersex. We were actually having sex while watching ourselves having sex.
  • We need a new couch. I bet if 500 of you give me a dollar, we can do this.
  • My life is one big episode of the jamhole, what a bloody mess. Did we mention we fucked on video because my girlfriend is an attention whore.
  • Would you rather question from red fox. We’re kind of afraid of bugs.
  • Let me tell you something about the Ponzi Scheme. Mat fails at the Apostles Creed.
  • The devil is strong with this one.
  • Fuck my life.

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