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Ep 181: Ranch Humor


“He pushed his talent deep inside me.”

Kaboom hello and welcome to episode 181 of the jamhole comedy podcast. Please pardon the levels of the shows we are doing here in new york. We didn’t really test the full extent of recording with the laptop, and kind of forgot that it sounds like shit. So we did the best we could, and this is much better then not having shows at all right?… Right guys? Oh go fuck yourselves. Anyways, in tonights special thursday episode the jamhole takes over the ear candy new york podcast studio, but we weren’t complete assholes about it. We actually let Joe Cocozello and Adam Hiniker from the ear candy new york podcast hang out in the jamhole with us! Thats right folks, after we sat in on their episode 25, they sat in on our episode 181. Join Mat, Brayden, Danni, Joe, and Adam as we talk more about the jamhole new york experience including finding poop on the subways, not being able to find rockstars anywhere, marketing sparks to the children, Keith Malley’s stand up show, and stickering the holy living fuck out of anything and everything… And I mean everything. We also talk more about our punch in the face dot com business in addition to the new podcast gangbang site we are creating. After that we talk more about how shitty our overpriced hotel room is, having sex and flooding the bathroom, and Adam walking in on albinos fucking in public restrooms.  After that we answer Stereo Radiations question of the week for April 8th.

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