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Ep 118: Chinese Smiley Face


“I cant believe I”m flirting with an unknown person.”

Hello and welcome to episode 118 of The Jamhole. In tonights episode we have friday Matt aka. Mike Hancho, and we also have Ben back on the show after 60 or so episodes of not being on the show! Join us as we discuss Black Friday, partying on a wednesday night, drunk driving, grandparents arguing, what the fuck bens been up to, and then we have a chat log reenactment. After that we do some confessions, and then we do some news. Then we do some clues. News stories include but are not limited to: Black friday claims a life and makes it on the its killed more people than weed list, gay penguins stealing babies, getting hit by a train and living to tell about it, and finding the oldest stash of weed EVER!!

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