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TJH 660: Arsenic and Valium


“Phone in one hand, dick in the other.”

Welcome back to the early April edition of the Jamhole! Lots of great shit happening over here, so be sure to stick with us on the social media outlets we all enjoy frequenting, and you won’t miss a beat. Lately I’ve been digging Instagram, as we’re visual creatures, we can appreciate that sort of medium. I’ve been living in Washington for a few weeks now, and things are going great. If you want to check out all the other stuff I’m writing, be sure to swing by Stuff Stoners Like and search for Mat Lee. There’s also some cool stuff popping up on my YouTube page related to the weed stuff. Also be sure to follow the Jamhole YouTube channel and Google+ page so you can keep up with the live shows. Sometimes the podcast is a bit more visual, and seeing is believing. Enjoy the notes and we’ll catch you next time!

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