TJH 660: Arsenic and Valium


“Phone in one hand, dick in the other.”

Welcome back to the early April edition of the Jamhole! Lots of great shit happening over here, so be sure to stick with us on the social media outlets we all enjoy frequenting, and you won’t miss a beat. Lately I’ve been digging Instagram, as we’re visual creatures, we can appreciate that sort of medium. I’ve been living in Washington for a few weeks now, and things are going great. If you want to check out all the other stuff I’m writing, be sure to swing by Stuff Stoners Like and search for Mat Lee. There’s also some cool stuff popping up on my YouTube page related to the weed stuff. Also be sure to follow the Jamhole YouTube channel and Google+ page so you can keep up with the live shows. Sometimes the podcast is a bit more visual, and seeing is believing. Enjoy the notes and we’ll catch you next time!

Guess who’s in Washington with me? I got a BJ for Easter! Wait, that came out wrong. I mean I did, but that’s not what I was talking about. Fuck it, BJ IS HERE!

Happy heathen zombie Jesus day.

Some people are better in small doses.

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Why am I in Washington? Because Montana is run by ignorant assholes like this. Hey David Howard, WTF? For more information, check out my Weed Refugee post over on Stuff Stoners Like.

I also managed to bang out an episode of the Hot Box, all by myself. It definitely makes me appreciate doing the show with another person.

Curious about what is better when taking dabs? A heat gun or a torch when ripping the healthstone? I wrote about it right here on… You guessed it, Stuff Stoners Like.


In Distracted Driving news, April is Distracted Driving Month! How exciting is this? We get a whole month for driving like assholes!

What in the fuck do you even think you know about Peeps? Check out this cool Peep-fographic over on

Looney tunes has ruined a whole generation or two. Real life is way more gory than that.

I am broke as fuck, so you should donate money or go buy some music on Bandcamp, or even stream some on Google Play Music All Access. Thank you!

Amazon is pretty awesome, except that when Swim orders crackers and chargers for whip hits, maybe let’s not share that purchase. I like how it also recommended and reminded Swim to get balloons.

If you want a cool vape pen, use this link! The O Pen is where it’s at.

Re-wrapping meat at a grocery store is no good.


It seems to be really expensive to not be a criminal and participate in the recreational I-502 stuff here in Washington. If you want me to review strains, send money. So far I’ve reviewed the Trainwreck, the Fruity Pebbles, and the Super Platinum Girl Scout Cookie.

The prisons in the UK celebrate Easter like some motherfucking bosses.


If you are going to donate money, donate it under an awesome name. Like Hugh E. Rection LOL.

Sorry your Honor, I sliced my husband’s throat in my sleep, because I was having a dream about filleting fish. At least he survived right? Oh Judy Jones. Best defense ever. Who do you believe?


If you are going to do nitrous in the great outdoors, you should never leave a pile of them behind. Because people like this will find them, and have not nice looks on their face because of it.

Have you ever had a period, then put a picture of it on Instagram? It’s called class you guys. I think it might be time to take advantage of Bj’s ass and titties to get more Instagram followers.


It seems those of us who know how to survive are afraid of spiders. It’s completely rational you guys.

If you are trying to have sex, you should have it somewhere other than an in service ambulance. Although we have to give you props for having giant balls.


Pretty sure we need to stop calling stuff like this miracles. It’s not a miracle. It’s a medical condition. A statistical anomaly if anything. He does rock a mean tie though. I would definitely check the kid for gills. Good luck baby Eli!

Reddit had the best April Fools, besides the fun stuff Google did with Pac Man maps. Reddit is pretty bad ass, and we also have a Jamhole subreddit. Maybe we should start using it more?


Heroin is making a huge comeback in New York City! Yay for all you poor assholes that have to live with all that bullshit. Here’s what we know about heroin and heroin addicts.

Speaking of drugs, are you on that new Flakka shit? People in Florida seem to be.


Are you even excited for the automated magical glory that is the new Amazon Dash Button?

Someone should setup the Jamhole with a Go Fund Me!

Infected Mushroom in Seattle April 23rd. Then it’s festival season. See you back home at the Barter Faire!

Check out the live hangout video below. When we do live shows, it will be through hangouts. Make sure to add the Jamhole to your Google+ circles and subscribe to the new channel on YouTube. Thanks for checking out the show.

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