Ep 159: Fiction


“Don’t twitter about me when I’m in the other room idiot!”

Hello and welcome to episode 159 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonights episode we start the show talking about the false start all of our live listeners got to experience. Of course as is par for the course, we tried to make something better, something else broke, we all laugh as Mat gets pist trying to fix it, then Mat finally fixes it, then we continue on with our lives. Those who were around for the live show got a little special taste of that. So on tonights show we have Kyle in the studio. Happy birthday yesterday Kyle! We talk about a few of Kyles’ firsts, then we talk about that chick Mat met at the college a long time ago, then we talk about domestic violence and equal rights. It’s not just for your parents anymore! So after that we once again mention the new Spring Cleaning video and something weird youtube did. Then we talk about the best way to end any kind of argument / conversation you might ever have with anyone you ever get into a relationship with. Listen up and learn something. You can thank us by going to thejamhole.com/donate and contributing to our trip. So speaking of the trip, after that we talk about the trip and the meetup, and any expectations you might have for us while we are there. Then we talk about Kyle’s mortagage, and why live in girlfriends never pay rent. Then we talk about Mat’s toilet breaking, followed by a hair raising discussion about pubic lice. Just listen, don’t ask.

After all that awesomeness we do some fuck my life, then we do some confessions, then we do some motherfuckin news. News stories include: California finally figuring out that you can actually tax weed and solve all its financial problems. A murder suicide opera style in our most fucked up state. And what kind of a job can a slut with no experience and 14 kids do to make one million dollars? Porn duh!! Thank you very much to everyone who had the patience enough to wait for us to start the live show, and thank you so much to everyone who called and left voicemails. We apologize for not having the time to play them all on the show, but rest assured that we did listen to them all, and we enjoyed every second of it. You are all awesome and funny, and if we didn’t play your voicemail on this episode, leave another and we will try to play it on Friday. Speaking of Friday, thats the day episode 160 starts. Probably around midnight, follow the twitter or subscribe to SMS updates. Dont forget, click listen live and you can see archived video clips of the live shows.

The would you rather for this week’s tri-podcast discussion involving The Jamhole, Hotcakes, and Stereo Radiation is as follows… Would you rather get your asshole corned by a dude (just an every day average joe six pack), or would you rather get your shit corned by the most beautiful chick with a dick you’ve ever seen in your whole life. As a matter of fact, she’s so fucking beautiful, she is the most beautiful human (man or woman or whatever) you have ever seen in your life. The choice is yours my friends, choose wisely. This is the question of the week starting Feb 23rd. For Stereo Radiation’s answer, check out the end of episode 128 of the Stereo Radiation podcast.

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