Ep 160: Bare Minimum


“Don’t forget the fucking bacon!”

Hello and welcome to episode 160 of The Jamhole live comedy video / audio podcast. In tonights episode we start the show talking about how awesome it is that we are now at 160 episodes, but that happiness slowly dissipates as we start talking about how Wendy’s can’t take a fucking order properly. After that we talk about how everything now a days is just awful, below par shit, and then we wonder why everything is falling apart, and how we lost our way. After that we talk about the rednecks here that want to eradicate the wolf population. I’m really glad we have our priorities straight you fucking retards! So then we talk about burning down gas stations with the power of MIND! After that we talk about the dryer breaking again of course, and then we talk about sub conscious sleep head. I’m still waiting for the evidence!

Then we do some fuck my life… The right way! Then we do some news. News stories include: Teenage abortion numbers skyrocket, but its still never enough. The best way to get rid of the wrong kind of lice (Burn baby burn!). When being highly radioactive gets in the way of your kid touching schedule. Stabbing your son in church because he won’t take his hat off. Gotta love the crazy religious hypocrites! And finally, a special news story read in the key of G if you know what I mean. What happens when you are a porn dungeon master? Find out as Mat reads the majority of this story in his b-boy stance. If you missed the live video show, you can always check the archives. Click listen live or go to the myspace page for the live video archive clip viewer. You almost have to watch the video clip of that to fully appreciate what was happening. We will be back Monday with episode 161. Be safe, and remember…

The would you rather for this week’s tri-podcast discussion involving The Jamhole, Hotcakes, and Stereo Radiation is as follows… Would you rather get your asshole corned by a dude (just an every day average joe six pack), or would you rather get your shit corned by the most beautiful chick with a dick you’ve ever seen in your whole life. As a matter of fact, she’s so fucking beautiful, she is the most beautiful human (man or woman or whatever) you have ever seen in your life. The choice is yours my friends, choose wisely. This is the question of the week starting Feb 23rd. For Stereo Radiation’s answer, check out the end of episode 128 of the Stereo Radiation podcast.

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