Ep 213: Bad Luck


“Never trust an ugly hooker.”

Do you believe in luck? What about love? Well, different strokes for different folks, then you get hooked on drugs because you have a lot of money, and even more time, and after the whole mess is sad and done, you still have no one that loves you. So what does this all mean? We struggle day in and day out working for what eventually amounts to a big giant bag of salty peanuts. We try and learn, but that costs money, so then we get a job that most likely treats us like shit. We find a mate who we can somewhat tolerate, get married and knocked up, or get married because we knocked her up. Grow old and even more miserable than we would have probably been if we would have stayed alone, and then wonder why our children are so eager to take us off life support. ¬†Pulling the old plug as they say. Some also say that if you make it that far, life has been good for you, others would say that if you end up that way, you probably should have stopped gambling a long time ago. The sad thing is, we are surrounded by people who have already been through this awful cycle, we see where they started, the decisions they made, and where they ended up, yet we are so quick to follow in those same exact footsteps, somehow thinking in our own mind, that things will end up different for us. That my friend, is the definition of insanity. I don’t believe in luck, never have, never will. I will make my own destiny, minus the child.

  • We are closed to get a good healthy head start on getting completely wasted and blowing shit up.
  • Someone gets a good solid dose of karma. That’s what you get for being a lazy fuck.
  • Work sucks in general, no matter who has to do it.
  • We’ve put in our time, so come join us for the September 25th 250th episode party super live party!
  • Interesting information about cannibal holocaust. Your going to jail for murder!
  • Hit and run was actually worse than transformers 2. Michael Bay is still a cunt.
  • More movies with awesome rape scenes. My penis approves!¬†Deadgirl is a good movie if you like necrophiliac rape! Highly recommended by the jamhole, and my penis.
  • Double standards and jelousy, this is going to be good. Danni is the only chick in the whole world that is not a scandalous bitch.
  • Once again, guys only hang out with girls because they want to fuck them. That’s all.
  • Drowning because you valued your fishing pole more than your life. I smell a Darwin award!
  • If Danni reeled in a shark, Mat would be all over that shit.
  • Sara Palin should have thrown her retarded children over the cliff. You don’t have to be a spartan to know when shit is all fucked up. In other news, she gives up her place in the government. Alaska breathes a collective sigh of relief.
  • Local news, Mat’s friend gets shot in the stomach and chest by his father. Because he wanted to borrow the car.
  • South Carolina has a serial killer problem, kind of. Danni has a yawning problem.
  • A teacher gives her students the gift that keeps on giving. 6 seconds of her getting fucked. Nice!
  • Josh calls in and gives us a taste of his mad rapping skills. See the end of the episode for his white podcast rap.
  • Ever want to know how to make a sparkler bomb? Well, listen up, because I’ll tell you, and Josh.
  • Getting your boyfriend’s ass kicked with a bat because you like your ass slapped… Really hard.
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