Ep 230: Gog and Magog


“Tomorrow I’m going to kill someone in the name of god.”

Let me tell you a little story about a person, male or female so as not to offend the latter, who had one dream his whole life. He was allowed only one dream, but as soon as he chose what that dream would be, it lasted for eternity. Growing up as a small child, he was always taught to walk in the light rather the dark, smile instead of frown, and look up instead of down. You know the type. Strong, liberated, medium sized titties and long red hair. (I really just wanna see if we get any hits for people searching “strong, liberated, medium sized titties and long red hair”). As she developed and grew, her body blossoming into the ideal image of beauty, she was always taught to think about the dream. This is the most important thing you will ever do, don’t fuck it up. This is forever, this is the purpose of your life, and if you pick something without spending a lifetime fine tuning and molding that one perfect scenario, you will regret it for an eternity. Drugs, money, bitches, dicks and assholes. Sounds good to me. Your whole existence amounts to nothing more than an eight second loop of something your brain doesn’t even comprehend the process enough to fucking process. Your like three blind mice looking for a huge smelly block of cheese, and once you eat the cheese it makes you all constipated, but you can’t help to eat all the cheese because your a rat and that’s what rats fucking eat. So it clogs up your shitter and builds up and builds up so much until finally KAAAABOOOOMM! Complete physical and mental break down. Then it starts all over again. Forever. I really don’t know where I was going with this, but I’m sure if you think about it for a minute you’ll make a connection somewhere. Besides, if your so sure that when you die you go to heaven and are finally rejoined with your god that you haven’t seen in like forever, why aren’t you in a huge fucking hurry to get there? I’ll never understand humans.

  • Using facebook makes me realize why more than half the planet is on antidepressants.
  • You can now go to thejamhole.com/250 for all the info about our party super party.
  • Danni acts like a herm, and lady gaga is a herm, that’s why she wants her album.
  • This is how awesome your new job is.
  • The airport here is not so awesome.
  • Hanging out on live video with your friends. It’s not what you think.
  • Hey pot dealers, step up your game.
  • Guess what kids, its Ward from the basementboyz with a z. We have lots of places to put your kids here in Montana. This is for you.
  • Danni’s probably going to jail for not participating in our awesome legal system.
  • Paypal charges money just because they are pay pal. WTF paypal? That’s a very useful experience for us.
  • This crazy doctor guy I know kills his wife, we used to work together, no big deal. We used to shop at Walgreens together.
  • Iraq must be invaded to thwart Gog and Magog. Goddamn those demons from hell!
  • Are you new to the show and curious how Mat and Danni first met? Check out the forums!
  • Patrick Swayze smokes weed. For medicinal purposes of course.
  • Speaking of men, Lady Gaga allegedly has a penis. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this. But in other news, Flo-rida has a huge stinky vagina.
  • The greatest syke out ever. You just wiped my forty year old ass, and changed my diapers! I’m not even retarded!!
  • Make sure to check out thejamhole.com/250 and come out to see us do this in person.

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