Ep 236: Old Enough


“There were clones of me, and you were fucking me, in front of me.”

Did you ever stop to think how the ghostbusters got their particle accelerators so small? Especially back in the 80s. That’s a noteworthy feat. Also, I’d like to thank my grandmother for being a part of this world for 84 years, for being the most awesome grandma I’ve ever had, for putting up with grandpa long enough for you to give birth to my mom who in turn gave birth to me. I’d say putting up with grandpa is probably a more noteworthy feat than the ghostbusters getting their particle accelerators so small. Anyways, we miss you grandma, and I hope the after life is a lot more fun than this life is. I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to see you before you left. Good bye…

  • I’m really starting to think Danni is addicted to twitter. We might have to have an intervention.
  • This is how much fun the fair is. It’s what we live for.
  • Vote GOP and we’ll give you this free bag of popcorn.
  • Fuck wearing seat belts, and fuck deer. It’s kind of a redneck thing to hate wolves.
  • Apparently when the shit goes down, you better be ready.
  • Eating taquito burritos at like 4 am makes you hallucinate weird shit.
  • Also, FYI, our other neighbor might partake in chihuahua bestiality. Just sayin…
  • We’re gonna gadget war properly Josh. There has to be rules.
  • Rapping isn’t as easy as it looks, is it ward from basementboyz? That was seriously awful dude. I now have a new standard for my own personal rap career.
  • Have you heard of the best page in the universe? I would really like to see that contest happen, if anyone out there has swine flu, make it happen please. Fuck swine flu!
  • This is the pic that I was laughing at. Thanks german bob.
  • State of play was a pretty cool movie. Yea, I’m gonna say that I liked it.
  • Danni saw the time travelers wife. So what are your thoughts on time travel?
  • Paying child support when you have no children. Well, does it count if he at least looks like he has children?
  • Is it weird that when we kiss, people think it’s two dudes kissing?
  • Visiting Zach da felon in jail… Observe and report.
  • Why are you cheating on me?
  • Sometimes you just gotta beat the fuck out of your kids. They have to know you are the alpha. But seriously adult, don’t throw frozen pizza.
  • Killing your wife with a hammer.
  • This is child abuse. Are we learning yet?
  • Danni has heart burn. I thought you had to have a heart in order for it to burn. HA I win!
  • Hiring 17 year old assassins. That’s pretty bad ass. This is for bringing justice!
  • Petting cats helps heart burn, and bitches can get away with blaming shit on their periods.  I guess that makes us even.
  • Focus, and…
  • Watch your back, you never know where child gangs are straight up kickin it at. This is what happens when kids grow up with youtube.
  • Here is the video of the dude shooting himself. Thanks berger!
  • The 120 gig ipod contest. You know you want it.
  • The 250th episode party live show. Come party with us September 25th.
  • Have you seen the spider in the house video? Comment and rate please and thank you. She screams like a BITCH!

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