Ep 235: Y Jacking


“God doesn’t exist, you’re a fucking idiot.”

Of course I’m kidding when I say this, and you just being here is proof of that scenario. Just read the goddamn show notes.

  • So if you wanna see us in person, thejamhole.com/250. The time is coming soon.
  • Cool stuff you can send us to P.O. Box 3652 Kalispell MT 59903.
  • Working at the fair is awesome!
  • Oh, and super job on the parking situation.
  • Also thanks for the parade! That was really fun.
  • Hey pedestrians, if a car hits you, that’s it!
  • Do you smell that? It’s my nuts, they smell like sweaty rockstar.
  • It’s sad that people don’t know how to read. That’s why we use symbols.
  • This is my favorite job!
  • You can win this, and we won’t even spam you.
  • Adults in kalispell, did you get what you were looking for?
  • It’s a field dude. Where are you going? I’m going to get free stuff!
  • Vaccines kill people, did you know that? Oh right, no they don’t and your crazy.
  • The government is also trying to kill you with vaccines.
  • Let’s talk about health care while we’re at it.
  • Love them protect never inject them!
  • Misinformation is dangerous, so be careful out there.
  • Here is some good info.
  • This is the difference between methylmecury and ethylmecury.
  • Don’t have an iphone? Don’t worry about it try either beyondpod for windows mobile or google listen.
  • Does anyone still listen to podcasts? Just curious.
  • Hey radio, stop trying to do shows.
  • If you enter the contest, you could win a 120 gig Ipod.
  • It’s ok if your gay, you can totally be a priest.
  • If we wanna fuck horses and shit, then we’re gonna fuck horses and shit!
  • Your house is pretty disgusting. Should have worn a condom. Sad kitties, she was an old lady, she couldn’t help it.
  • This is not how your supposed to do a sex change.
  • Time for the question of the week podcast gangbang style! Thanks ear candy, where’s the mp3 you lazy fuckers!
  • Voicemails, and that’s it, see you Monday!

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