Ep 238: Heavy Metals


“Don’t you wanna be pretty like the metal.”

I think what really amazes me the most after going to the anti vaccine rally, is the fact that even though these people say the world is so bad, the government is trying to kill you around every corner, whether it be with¬†vaccines, or chem trails, or super flu bugs, they still think it’s a good idea to bring children into the world. I mean personally kids are just a pain in the ass that I can’t afford to have in my life, but these people actually think armageddon is about to break out in 2012, yet they are popping kids out left and right. If I wanted kids, but had any inkling that something possibly world destroying was about to happen in the next couple years, I would just fucking wait. That’s all, you can wait can’t you? But no, either by accident or their own faltering¬†hand, they have a whole little tribe with them, living in a trailer in some field because hey, we were living in a trailer anyways, might as well be here for the next few days. I totally understand that times are rough friends, but fuck man, get your shit together enough to support yourself before you try to support another human being. Just refer back to Maslow’s heirarchy of needs. If you are satisfying all the needs, AND you have a fair amount of money left over, then sure, why not have a kid. But if you are struggling to fulfill any single one of those needs, or living on a paycheck to paycheck basis, I highly suggest you check yourself. You are not ready for children. Like I said before, take a couple years to try and better your life more, maybe see how this whole end of the world thing plays out, then reexamine your life and see how you’re fairing with the needs.

  • There is no such thing as mountain time.
  • Uncast is stupid and Daniel Womack is a huge flaming fag.
  • I apologize for the changes and new ads.
  • I didn’t know that drinking silver is totally good for you. Oh wait, no it’s not. Say hello to my irreversible friend Argyria.
  • Playing undercover brother at the rally.
  • What about all these people. More info on colloidal silver. I love quackwatch.
  • If anyone wants to buy some super extreme holy water email me. It’s good shit.
  • Prayer vigils are the one thing these crazy groups of people have in common. Everyone has a book to sell.
  • Let’s bring back some blasts from the past. Like smallpox. Remember smallpox?
  • If you don’t wanna get your kids vaccinated, then they aren’t allowed in school. End of discussion. Teach them yourself.
  • Guess how many churches we have in this valley. Way too many, and that’s no joke.
  • Can we please stop wasting money on dumb shit? I’m not sure if you knew this or not, but your kids aren’t learning. Yea, the books they are trying to learn from are way outdated.
  • I just solved all your problems.
  • Remember back when z600 was good? I vaguely do.
  • Killing wasps at work. 44 ounces of mtn dew all over my shit. Fuck you Ryan.
  • We got a little Iphone news of our own. Suck on those nuts Bigmouths.
  • I’m pretty sure snake bites are either an emo thing or a chick thing.
  • Danni isn’t broken yet at work, that’s why she’s so chipper.
  • The first time sea monkey has ever fucked me during a live show.
  • Episode 500 of the jamhole is going have to be held at the cocaine bar in La Paz Bolivia. Fuck yea.
  • This message is for Danni. Stop fucking with the cat. Thank you.
  • Counterfeiting money, lots of money.
  • Bankruptcy is expensive. Danni is getting really stressed out about this shit.
  • Put your money where your twat is, if you know what I mean.
  • Best wedding vows ever.
  • Question of the week from Basement Boyz. Podcast Gangbang 4 Life!
  • Don’t forget the live show September 25th to celebrate 250 episodes of the jamhole!
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