Ep 239: Demolition Man


“If you need to suck a dick, then suck a dick dude.”

You know something, I came home today after my route was done just so I could do the show notes so I wouldn’t have to do them later tonight. I ended up taking a few bong rips, staring at the Internet for a few minutes, then decided to jerk off instead. So now, rather than getting to read something clever and awesome that I’ve written for you, you get to read my excuse as to why I didn’t do the show notes. Well, I’ll tell you why. Jerking off feels better than doing show notes. Ask any podcaster, and they’ll tell you the same thing. Although some podcasters have the convenience of someone else doing their show notes for them, I guarantee if you ask that someone else, they will tell you the same thing. Jerking off just feels better. I will tell you this though. It’s a new month, so of course I have to ask you to click thejamhole.com/vote, put in your email address, and hit submit. Don’t forget to verify the link they email you. This helps us gain more visibility on that sorry sack of shit site called podcast alley. Hey, remember back in the day when the owner of that site actually gave a shit about it? Oh well, for some stupid reason people still use it, so I have to ask. This feels worse I think than having ads in the middle of your podcast. I don’t think I could sleep properly anymore if that happened to the jamhole. I would feel really awful about it. Anyways, I should probably go squeeze my dick and get the rest of the semen out of it so I don’t stain my shorts, and get my sexy self back to work. Enjoy the notes!

  • It’s been awhile, but we have our salt guy ryan back in the studio. Not the old one, the new one. Come party with him and us at thejamhole.com/250 September 25th! The last episode ryan was in is Ep 187: Restraining Orders. Good stuff.
  • Not only are they cracking down on your flavored chew, but now it’s the flavored cigarettes that are being taken away from you. What’s next? Food? Water? No more flavor flave? That is a world I don’t ever want to live in.
  • I say dude jokes about danni until she lets her hair grow.
  • This is the place to be when the shit goes down. Good luck to all those living in densely populated cities. Maybe some of the conspiracy theorists are right?
  • This is why ryan stopped going to his shitty restaurant job.
  • Is it karma that people who behave poorly have shitty things happen to them? Or is that just how it is?
  • I beat danni in graduating stuff, and not just because I’m older.
  • Does your teenager skip breakfast? Then she’s a total whore. It just makes sense.
  • I work all day and pay the bills, the least you can do is make some fucking food. And for the record, I did cook my own goddamn shells and cheese after the show.
  • Fat people suck, I’m glad that is finally getting into the mainstream.
  • …And that’s how you make poo dollars. Don’t be a slum lord and you won’t have to experience this.
  • Pot fines should be a dollar in Denver, and danni is sensitive about her weight. As most girls are.
  • Crimes that will cost you way less than file sharing. This also, is not a world I want to live in.
  • The movie I was thinking of is called Armored. That was bugging the shit out of me.
  • Burn lots of cd’s of jamhole episodes, and give them to all your friends. It’s just like file sharing, but with no crazy ridiculous fine.
  • I wasn’t kidding about the nine year old who was dragged behind a truck. Ryan talks about how he was hit by three cars. I got to go around the block when I was 12, I’m sorry my parents cared about me.
  • We’re having a party, the info is here.
  • We have a 120 gig ipod for you. Enter the raffle here. The winner will be announced on the pre show of episode 251.

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