Ep 268: Duped


“It’s a good thing you zoomed in to the quantum level.”

This world is filled with more quackery than you can shake a stick at. Especially in these oh so tough economic times you keep reading about in the paper, or hearing about on your favorite “non biased” news station. At a time when people should be doing their best to work together so we can all get through this shit, we still have instances of bullshit miracles  creeping up here and there by bullshit people who lead bullshit lives. Just like the article read, these people are losing business in their normal practice of prescribing bullshit remedies that do nothing more than stimulate our own internal placebo effect, if that… So they have to keep looking for the next big thing. The next miracle cure all for anything that ails you in the present, as well as the future. These people are no better than the criminals who would rob you at gunpoint on the street, or the criminals who would stalk your children as they innocently frolic to and fro in the school playground. It’s a new world out there today than it was when our parents and their parents were growing up. You can’t trust everything you hear and see in the newspaper and the television. You can trust us, but only because we’re honest, and have made it a point in our podcast and show notes to point out when people are being retarded fucking liars and scam artists. Just be careful, and know that the device being used and marketed as a cure all at the quantum level is nothing more than whoo-whoo bullshit. It doesn’t work, and it honestly has nothing to do with quantum physics. At all… It’s illegal, and if you are the person putting out these bad typo ridden pamphlets and business cards filled with lies, watch your back, because we’re coming for you next.

  • Hello, are you going to make me cum? Danni sucks at cybersex.
  • Pain is the body’s way of saying “Yo, I’m not cool right now!”
  • Shout out to the doctor who had his hands and cameras all up in Danni’s nickelodeon guts! If you guys are local and need your female parts removed, we know a guy.
  • Linda C. Marcussen CBT. and her Quantum Healing business is a huge scam. She is taking money from people and in exchange for the money, gives them a false sense of well being. Maybe you should all give her a call at 406.261.0627 or 406.883.0096. Also, did you know this machine has been banned in the U.S. for this type of use? Interesting…
  • Maybe next time you make a brochure trying to scam people with your homeopathic crap, proof read your shit idiot. I don’t know who I feel worse for, the scammer or the people getting scammed. Do you actually believe this works? The EPFX / SCIO machine is nothing more than a glorified atari 2600, and a scam for what you are using it for.
  • “This is pure blatant fraud.” Even the FDA got this one right.
  • Nice rocking tits by the way. Rocking tits!
  • Watch where your going. Or don’t for my sake. That was so fucking awesome.
  • Thanks for the extra line verizon. You should have trained your people better. Just an idea.
  • The Droid is pretty damn fucking cool. We’ll talk about what sucks about it on Monday.
  • Cleaning up piss for dolphin dollars. Nice job teach!
  • Guess what I found in the waste water tank? Yea, another fetus. How much does it cost to stuff a fetus?
  • Religious sexual assault. The best kind. Nice work texas religious sects!
  • It must be nice to get paid by the government to have kids. Nice job UK!
  • All the people are ages have kids now. That’s sad.
  • Let’s read some Australian! This guy got his ass beat by a drunk. Everything down under is a huge cartoon.
  • Poisoning the salsa at a shitty mexican food restaurant. How do you know the difference? Danni likes taco bell because of the baja blast.
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