Ep 292: A New Year


“I came here to fuck and do blow, and maybe die.”

Let’s start the year on a positive note, that way after we sober up and realize it’s just the same shit year after year after year, we won’t be so fucking pist that this is how we’re spending our time. Seriously, it’s all the same shit, we just have different ways to spend money. That’s what we’re here for. I am a consumer, and I am good at it. What are you selling, I don’t give a fuck, I’ll take twenty. Can you deliver it to my front door? Even better. I spend my time reading, writing, trying to leave something behind, something that will attempt to stand the test of time. That future generations will find this and read it and listen and say to themselves… Jesus fucking christ. They really fucked up their shit. Happy New Year. No fear two beers with new hair past due.

  • How is it pronounced? Twenty ten, or two thousand ten. You pick.
  • Everyone needs to start over sometime. Why not every year? Are we all having clean slates to start with?
  • Stop having abortions so jesus can be born again to begin the second coming. What if the baby jesus was a still born?
  • Did you know New Years is the largest global party in the world? Yea, we love starting over. So these are the best six places to be on New Years. I couldn’t help but notice Montana wasn’t on that list. It’s ok, maybe next year.
  • Stickmen War, the greatest screen saver you will ever sit and stare at. Place your bets!
  • The Brazillian wax makes girls hot and sexy. It’s a miracle really. Our women are hot because we made them that way. Leave them the fuck alone.
  • Do you remember what a blowjob is? Let’s please revisit the debate we had on Wednesday. I’ll tell you something, the first sexual position of the year was anal. Just the tip. (Love ya!)
  • I still can’t for the life of me remember what the phrase “Blowjob” means. She’s an independent woman bitch, and that’s how they roll.
  • You aren’t doing it right. If you use the power of putting penis in your mouth, you could really have anything you want.
  • Let’s answer some more formspring.me/thejamhole questions. Ask us anything, we’ll answer them on the show. On the side menu or under the jamhole links. You can ask Danni questions too.
  • The perfect answer to a question like this. I win!
  • If you don’t want to do your job, then hire someone else to do it.
  • You can’t call me a bitch anymore, because I did go and poop in public. So there!
  • Taking pictures of passed out drunk 17 year olds. Nice. Genitalia!!!
  • Guess who finally listened to The Jamhole? That’s right, Montana allows doctor assisted suicide now! We win!
  • Getting punched IN THE FACE! If you are with a girl that doesn’t like to do that. In the face!
  • Hey 911, I need a ride to the bar, ITS AN EMERGENCY!
  • Hey Nigerian doctors, stop fucking your patients then selling the baby on the african american market. You might fuck up the second coming of little baby christ.
  • We’re trying to go to Florida in September, and it’s going to cost $1,000 for the tickets. So if you want us to do a live show in Florida, help us get there.

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