Ep 291: Operation Stop and Think


“I remember my mom and dad having this same arguement when I was 5.”

Another year, another decade in the history books. Although your children won’t read about it until the next decade, because the history books they have in school are that out dated. Maybe in the great year 2010, we’ll figure out how to solve that awful problem. Anyways, I would like to thank everyone for being with us for this past year of shows. 2009 was the first complete year we’ve been doing shows. The Jamhole has gone through a lot of changes since we started this thing, any of you who join us for the rediscoveries can attest to that. Here’s a little geek info for any of you die hard fans. It’s all stuff you could have figured out on your own, but I did it for you.

  • In 2009 we produced 160 episodes. That amounts to roughly 275 hours 13 minutes and 49 seconds of us sitting here talking. That kind of blows my mind when I think about it. That’s a lot of words said.

We’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit happen while doing this show, and we’ve done our best to tell you about it, in a way that makes you laugh at things you shouldn’t. We look forward to serving up hot fresh steamy jamhole eps every monday, wednesday, and friday for many years to come. Thanks for all of your support. This show wouldn’t be half as fun to do without all of you out there listening, interacting, and straight up just being fucking awesome. Thanks!

  • Let me tell you about the worse day I’ve had in quite a while.
  • Stop saying stupid shit to your delivery workers. Especially if you are a drunk indian.
  • Taking dumps in public bathrooms. Or not taking dumps. I’m sorry, I don’t need anyone in the near vicinity of me when we are pissing or pooping. Make public bathrooms bigger, or one person at a time.
  • Hey airlines and TSA, fuck you, we’re done flying. This is where the line is. Also, if you are trying to fight terror, fight it with people capable of actually fighting. Not old retired people. Please get your shit together by September please.
  • I have a jet pack, and you can too. Ask me how.
  • If you want to run a good business, you have to put some of that profit you make back into the business! Duh!
  • Should have waited… Fuck you.
  • And hey google, can you chill the fuck out with the phone releases. Unless you are planning on giving all droid owners the nexus one.
  • Ok, so here’s the part where we argue about blowjobs. I apologize, I will never ask for a blowjob again. It’s ok guys, I’ll take this one. Your welcome.
  • After listening back to this, I was being an asshole, and I apologize for that. I’ll just pretend that I have no idea what a blow job is. I’m going to make a conscious decision to erase any memory of a blowjobs. So if you mention blow jobs around me, expect a weird blank look.
  • Getting wasted on new years eve? Going to drive home after? You can get all your funeral expenses paid for! Just sign right here, in blood.
  • The finally figured out why jesus hasn’t come back yet. You are all aborting the potential son of god. Please stop so jesus can come back and end this fucking thing.
  • I want to keep her, so I’m going to just shut up about this. I see how it happened with the other guys now.
  • If your doing cocaine and you live in the U.S, be careful. Your cocaine might have something poison in it. Hahaha, duh?
  • Have you ever pooped worms?
  • You find a stuffed bear with weed in it, what do you do? Call the cops, of course.
  • Lets go over some anonymous questions. You can ask on the right hand menu, or go to the site. It’s in the jamole links.
  • I was incorrect when I said my dick would be sucked. It won’t. If it comes down to having to find another co host or not get my dick sucked, sorry, I really don’t want to have to find another co host. Or girlfriend for that matter.
  • A couple voicemails. You can leave us a message at 406.204.4687.
  • This is the kind of society we have turned into.
  • We’ll see you guys¬†Friday. Don’t get arrested for doing stupid shit tonight.

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