Ep 365: Exclusive


“Every end is also a new beginning.”

Still sick, still sad, but you know what? That’s life. The more it happens, the more you get used to it. You really want to know why I’m not that torn up about this? I am. I’m just hiding it better than you are. The last three times you threatened to walk out on me, I begged and pleaded with teary eyes for you to stay. So you stayed. But you can only cry wolf so many times before the village just says fuck it. If you really want to leave, then leave. You made the sex awkward, you pushed me away when I just wanted a hug or a kiss. You are overly jealous and very mean. These things in turn made me be a bigger dick to you than I should have been. I’m sorry for that, but when you provoke, you should always expect the worst back. It really is nice to see what your family really thinks about me. I’m sure we’ll end up talking about that, because in hindsight, it’s just so damn funny to me. Lots of weird things will become apparent after a breakup. You see who your real friends are, who the people you can trust are, and who was just in it because it served their own ends for the time being. I truly am sorry it ended up this way, but you have made your choice. I hope one day you can get over it, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  • According to my Facebook status update feed, I am single now. Thanks facebook! Also, a huge thanks goes out to everyone who “liked” that update.
  • Social networking has completely rearranged how we interact with each other. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes maybe not so much.
  • Hey, I think I’m pregnant, and it’s either you or this other guy. Flip a coin and go buy a pregnancy test bitch.
  • Dana wrote us all a letter as to why shit happened the way it happened. Her resignation if you will.
  • People who have heart problems shouldn’t try to pick fights with people who are healthy. It never ends well for the cripple.
  • A little hip hop group drama. Do you remember that guy I told you to get beats from? Well stop it, he’s MY beat maker now. That was kind of a Delta Bravo move, and you know that.
  • Shaun comes from a long line of natural rock stars. Follow this guy, because wherever he is, the party is. Enjoy our little rendition of I need you now tonight. Or whatever the fuck it’s called.
  • Some sly relationship advice from Lyrickal himself. Take this shit to heart.
  • How much time should you spend on a song that’s just up on myspace for the fuck of it. A song entitled “Just fucking around in the lab” I’m gonna say two hours is the max for me.
  • Can the women in the chat stop being cunts? Thank you.
  • Churning an argument into violence. I said use real butter bitch! Not this margarine bullshit.
  • Using your best female assets to steal car after car. Hey jealousy! You can get away with just about anything if you’re a naked chick.
  • You know how I know you were a family man? Because I never saw you anymore. When I did, you looked miserable as fuck.
  • I would be ok with ladies coming here to tell me about the lord if they were all as hot as this chick was. She wanted it pretty bad.
  • So we may have a case of the Black Plague breaking out here. Thanks goes out to the littles living in my wall. This is how you have to go about talking to the landlord if you want anything done.
  • What the fuck do you do when someone throws acid on your face? There’s no blocking that shit.
  • A child versus a train. I’ll give you a hint who won… It wasn’t the child. Where were his fucking parents?
  • Day 65 and still gushing oil? Nice, it sounds like whoever was driving this robot was a bit drunk.
  • A quick wrap up of the whole relationship thing. Shaun chimes in with his own personal experience. Thanks for listening everyone!
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