Ep 392: Insertion


“You have to try to be the best you can be and all that other shit.”

Another week in the can, another three Jamhole episodes and two Hot Box episodes for your listening enjoyment. It’s cool being able to utilize all of the technology we have today just to talk some shit for a few hours every week. I hope you enjoy listening to this shit as much as we enjoy talking this shit. It’s almost time to get ready for the Friday episode of the Jamhole, so let’s just get to the notes.

  • A huge thanks goes out to Ustream for totally redoing their whole website and not really taking the time to test it. If you did test it, you should fire whoever tested it, because the chat is all fucked, among other things. I hope you are making money off those ads, because they really fucking suck.
  • Danni does some cleaning, like a woman should.
  • I suck at shaving my face. Thank you. You can call Shaun’s hair style, the Edward. There is good thinking behind that.
  • Thank you for the post cards, and keep them coming. If you like the show, send us a post card from where you live to our p.o. box.
  • Also, thank you for the present for Danni’s crack head nose.
  • Check out episode 19 of the Hot Box podcast. It’s really good stuff.
  • Honk if you love Jesus, text if you want to see him. Thank you for those wise words of wisdom local churches. You are very clever.
  • Big Money Rustlas was not as good as the first one they made. Just get really fucking high when you watch it.
  • The sex life is good, but you know, it can always get better. Everything can always get better. Now listen to me be a huge snarky jerk off.
  • Let me tell you about some early nineties Playboy issues. Thank you internet for making me unable to even get hard while looking at Playboy.
  • You might be from Montana if… Thanks for that Shaun.
  • Join us for the second annual Jamhole live audience show and camping trip / rap show. It’s going to be a fucking blast. Camping is September 23rd and 24th and then the live show is on the 25th. All the info is on the 404 page, and you can RSVP for both events on the Jamhole Facebook group.
  • Being stuck in the earth down in Chile. You can get out, all you have to do is lose some weight. Good thing there isn’t any Americans down there. We’ll see you in four months.
  • Yes, I would probably leave you if you weighed 400 pounds. I would expect you to do the same. It’s pretty epic how much of an asshole I can be. Sometimes I amaze myself.
  • Getting down in Amish land, the only way the Amish can. With lots of incest and┬ábestiality. Nice.
  • Danni reads like an angel. Listen while she reads you a story about a woman burning her man’s steak.
  • Guess who else has a sex tape? This one got the couple put in jail. Oh yea, and it was a stolen camera.
  • The longest traffic jam ever. Nice work China! Two words: Highway Zamboni. Problem solved.
  • Apparently the lady from the story the other day that got caught on CCTV putting a cat in the trash can, is now getting death threats. I called that shit. You don’t fuck with cats on the internet. Cats have a very special place in the hearts of everyone on the internet… For some weird reason.
  • I know you just gave birth by C section, but we’re going to need you to clean up your mess, then get the fuck out of the hospital room. We are very understaffed.
  • Email us at info@thejamhole.com or use the comment form on the about us page. Leave us a message at 406.204.4687 or text me at 406.848.1739. Donate some cash if you enjoy the show. This is a free show and it costs a bit of money to keep going.
  • Don’t forget, September 25th is our second annual Jamhole live audience show. Check out the 404 page for more info. If you want to see the first live show we did, check out the 250 page.

By Mat Lee

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