Ep 393: Skype Date


“I basically had to force a blow job on him.”

I found a headline today that made me kind of laugh to myself. This article says, “OxyContin: It’s time to raise the alarm.” I was like duh? Hasn’t this been a problem for a while now? I mean fuck, when was Rush Limbaugh hooked on this shit? That had to have been quite some time ago. Of course, anything as mentally and physically addictive as oxycontin is going to cause problems once the shit hits the street. I’ve written about how street thugs new drug of choice is oxycontin, and how the numbers of illegal use have gone up tremendous amounts. This is just funny to me because the signs have been all around us, it’s just now that people are figuring out this is a wicked problem. I’ll tell you again from personal experience, this is a hard horse to kick. I feel really bad for anyone having to deal with opiate detox, on any kind of level. So the place written about in the article is called Shasta County, and the head of the Shasta Interagency Drug Task Force, John Thulin says, “I would call it close to an epidemic in our county right now, a lot of kids are using it, from athletes to straight A students in schools. This is very scary in our community. I think it’s time to raise the alarm.” Back in 2008, his agents seized 376 oxycontin pills. In 2009 that number went up to 1,079. That’s quite the increase. If it’s happening here and there you can be sure to bet it’s happening everywhere else as well. I see it happening right here in our valley. Honestly, what can you really do about it? Start drug testing kids? Yea right, that’s going to go over real well with the parents. You can try going up against one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers on the planet, but good luck with that venture. So the only thing you can really do is educate your children, show them what these harmless feel good pills can do when you get addicted to them, and just hope that they have enough common sense to not go down the path so many of us have chosen. Because once you start down that path, it’s a trip and a half to get back. Even once you get back, depending on how long you were using for, you aren’t ever yourself again. I’ve noticed changes in my own mind that never would have happened otherwise. It kind of sucks, but hey that’s life right?

  • History in the making everyone, we have both Cubberlys here on the show at the same time. Let’s welcome Matt back to the show. It’s been a while. Sorry for the off levels, it’s hard to get them to share a mic.
  • If you want a blow job, just complain about it until your girlfriend gives you one to shut you the fuck up.
  • Another car accident where a car was up the ass of another vehicle. People should really watch where they are going. I will laugh at you.
  • Ok Keith, let’s agree that we are both weird.
  • The smartest dog I’ve ever seen. The dogs will one day take over because they can use the handicapped entrance. We’re so fucked.
  • Rap night went well, we have some great new songs for you all. Keep an eye out on thejamhole.com/music for new tracks. I put two new ones up there for you to enjoy. Want more music? Donate some cash so we can buy new beats.
  • So what’s been new Matt? Did anyone understand what he was talking about? Have you ever heard of Shelby Montana?
  • Danni finally gets her mad kitchen skills recognized. It’s about time.
  • If you didn’t go to school, you aren’t a chef. That’s the law.
  • Matt tells us about the bonnie and clyde fugitives. Apparently the woman was totally nuts.
  • Remember, September 25th we’re having our second annual live show. Check out the 404 page, and join the facebook group. RSVP for the live show and the camping trip. It’s going to be a great time.
  • If you couldn’t tell, when Matt asked me when the trip is, I just got up and walked away.
  • Hammering nails into your maid because she won’t stop complaining. I bet that shut her up. Peep the X-rays, they are pretty cool.
  • Face it, the Mexicans are doing jobs none of us want to do. It’s not their fault.
  • Hey, why is your child chewing on a used condom? Oh, he found it in the hotel room? Nice. Guess who is going to own the hotel now. Why does your child have sores on his mouth? Oh right, the condom…
  • It’s not a tumor. Thank you everyone. Oh wait, yes it IS A TUMOR!!!! The biggest tumor you’ve ever seen.
  • This kid is truly the hawk. He has a mo hawk, made out of his skull. Should have gone to Skull Church! Wanky wank. On the other hand, he is more streamlined.
  • Wee Whiskey, also known as Pisskey. Either way you look at it, that’s fucking disgusting.
  • I hurt my back performing baptisms for the dead. Well, that was your first mistake, you fucking idiot. I blame the church. Fucking┬áMormons…
  • I guess if you fail at being a terrorist, you can always go audition for Canadian Idol.
  • Apparently American Idol is also a ┬ájoke much like Last Comic Standing. That’s really too bad, is nothing real anymore?
  • Check out after the podcast for a track from our other friend Matt’s band, Vengeance. They shred.
  • Be sure to check the Jamhole music page for two new tracks. Good shit.

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