Ep 441: Dreamland


“Everyone knows Mat fucks like a champ, I’m mad that you said eat shit Dana at the end just in spite.”

How’s your new year coming? So far so good. There’s something about being able to start over that really appeals to people. I think it’s because we’re intrinsically such monstrous fuck ups that once a year we feel renewed. For some, that may be the only thing that keeps them going year in and year out. I kind of feel bad for people who don’t have anything outside of their day jobs to really keep them motivated. The people who don’t have love in their life, or the people that are trapped at the bottom of a bottle, and are helpless to do little more than sit there and watch their world self destruct around them. I feel bad for the people that work their whole lives away struggling day in and day out just to barely scrape by, completely under appreciated, over worked, and barely alive. Not alive in the sense of all your internal organs are functioning at one hundred percent efficiency, but alive in the way that you experience a vast array of feelings in your day to day travels. Some people don’t feel anymore, and it’s for those people that I feel the most for. Those who have nothing else to live for, drifting through on auto pilot because for some strange reason, they feel like that’s what they are supposed to be doing. If I ever get to that point, I hope I have friends good enough to let me know, that way I can do something about it. I would much rather see what the universe has in store for me next then be trapped in an existence like that. When I live, I want to really LIVE. I want to experience every moment, and savor it like it was my last. I want to sip from the cup of ravishment and delectation each and every day this old tired heart beats. For if we stop living for ourselves, what, or better yet, who, are we living for? The worth of a life quickly decreases after the soul inside has given up. So much to the point that life goes from being priceless, to being completely worthless. What are you living for?

  • Guess who got a shit load of snow? Yay, we did! If you want to read about the shit about our lives that is too mundane to make it on the show, follow Mat’s Twitter and Danni’s Twitter.
  • Hey, I hear they are going to close the roads going back to Kalispell from Polson. You know what, you are all a bunch of liars who said that because you wanted to close your businesses early to go to the bar. Thank you for unnecessarily stressing me out.
  • You guys all suck driving in the snow. I wish I owned a tow truck company in the winter time.
  • Shout out to Mike at the Kalispell Wrap n Roll for making me breakfast every morning. Shout out to the cops who hate that the department makes them text and drive. How do you arrive alive if you text and drive?
  • Let’s talk about the hot girl effect and networking. This almost makes me feel bad for hot girls and bank executives.
  • You have to be full of yourself to do a podcast. Just look at all the profiles we have. Web 2.0 is narcissism at it’s finest.
  • Shout out to whoever wrote on the bulldog womens bathroom wall that Mat Lee fucks like a champ. I could have done without the “Eat shit Dana” part. But whatever. I am bathroom stall famous now! Weird, it’s not because of my rap music or my podcasting skills. It’s because I fuck like a champ. Let’s read some text messages.
  • Do you live in one of the most drunk cities in the U.S.? Let’s go through the top ten drunkest cities. I’m sorry, I thought this would be more fun than it was. Thanks Gawker.
  • You want to catch the live shows every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm PT. 10pm ET. because sometimes people donate money and Danni does the live shows topless. This probably means nothing to the audio listeners.
  • The New Years Eve party was pretty epic even though it was only Danni, myself, and Brayden in the studio. You can hear it in 3 parts as the Jamhole NYE Special.
  • My New Years resolution is to be a little nicer to my girlfriend. I’m not promising anything, but I’ll try.
  • Check out the Dub Hop track on Mat’s Soundcloud page. My brother made the beat to this track. It’s my favorite.
  • Danni lays out her NYE resolutions. She is going to love harder than ever before. My penis and I are really looking forward to that.
  • One of the best blow job stories ever. I’m glad Danni could have been a conscious part of that. She almost woke up to a handful of jizz.
  • Yes I did give a time out to the person in the chat that called Danni fat. He was just being a D bag, not just because he called her fat. I just want to make sure the record was straight. I can tolerate a lot of bullshit, but if you are a douche bag just for the sake of being a douche bag, you will probably get banned. At least for ten minutes.
  • Some people are going to have more divorce in their lives for the New Year. I think it’s safe to say that most of you are probably fed up with your spouse. Isn’t it time for YOU to be happy? Fuck him / her, and fuck the kids. Get a divorce and leave the country. You’ve earned it. I love Danni’s female African American accent.
  • I’m starting to think about what I say before I actually say it. Maybe not so much on the show, but IRL. It’s easier to do that then to deal with Danni being a whiny bitch because I may have said something hurtful. I’ll work on thinking before I type next. SHUT UP!
  • I almost had a psychic girlfriend, but she left me before we met. Check out this and other lies in the 2010 Lying Championship!
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