Ep 469: Tiger Blood


“You can’t buy me off dick face.”

Man, it looks like they really got things shaking over there in Japan. It’s crazy. So hey crazy Christians, was this caused because of all the heathens in Japan? Is Fred Phelps going to take his crew over to Japan and protest the relief effort? What really makes me mad about people like that is their sheer worthlessness. Complete and utter wastes of resources. Maybe I’m so bitter because I’m jealous. How easy they must have it, being completely oblivious to the truth. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know the things I know. Life would be way more laid back than it is. Could you fucking imagine what that would be like? Well, imagine it later, right now you have some show notes to read. Remember, we’ve finally set the date for our third annual Jamhole live audience show party week extravaganza! It’s going to be Saturday, August 13th 2011. As usual, I will be taking the whole week off leading up to the live show, so make sure you can stay for as much of it as possible. We will open up our pad to the first couple people who need a place to crash. This is going to be in the summer, so we’ll have lots of fun Montana outdoor summery things to do. So get on the Jamhole Forums and the Jamhole Facebook Page for the Event and RSVP. This is going to be a week to remember. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the Jamhole 250 and the Jamhole 404. Also there are some rumors floating around that the Jamhole and some other pretty well known podcasts will be coming to the¬†Milwaukee¬†area sometime in July for a super podcast mega meetup. Keep your ears peeled for details on this.

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  • Let’s start the show by an enlightening article by John Pilger entitled “How the so-called Guardians of Free Speech are Silencing the Messenger.” Listen up, because it’s really happening.
  • I was born to be Charlie Sheen’s intern. Apparently so were over 70,000 other people. Oh well, another dream flushed down the great proverbial toilet. Yes, we should all be winning all the time. Duh! Hey Charlie Sheen, you should call into the next Jamhole episode. You know you want to.
  • This is how I know the end times are upon us. You realize the date is coming. Not 2012, but May 21st 2011. We’re following this lunatic on the Jamhole Forums. Join us, won’t you? Our forum is spam free. Oh wait, these fish didn’t die because the end is nigh, they died because they can’t navigate very well.
  • Charlie Vs. Chuck, watch it on pay per view May 21st, 2011. That is the only reason the world might come to an end. Charlie Sheen going head to head, fist to fist, tiger blood to whatever it is that makes Chuck Norris so fucking awesome. Aww yeah.
  • Kids who are definitely not winning. A car load of football players die because they are fucking idiots. When did that ever sound like a good idea? Sure, maybe if you were a good driver, but you sir, are clearly not. Can I nominate these kids for a Darwin Award? Yes, let’s do that.
  • So if you’ve been keeping up with the Jamhole, you’ll know we were speaking of the newest Kottonmouth King, The Dirtball. Hell yea, we interviewed him on the Friday episode. It was AWESOME!
  • Add this to the list of ways I do NOT want to die. Anything that ends in me suffocating, no good. Apparently grain tower deaths are a huge problem in the Hidda Hadda Herdda states. If that was my job, I would really be more careful.
  • Danni has a crazy dream. She woke up freaked the fuck out. Listen to this shit. Why are we getting chased down by the mafia?
  • Salvia is finally responsible for a death… Oh wait, no it’s not. No matter how fucked up you are, you know not to jump off a balcony. This kid had some other problems, lack of good judgement being one of them. Granted, salvia is some pretty strong shit, note our Salvia Experiment videos. But still, you aren’t that fucked up to where you would kill yourself like that. Listen up as we make up a new charge for what this is called. You’re welcome!
  • Look at this naked piece of ridiculousness. She was throwing rocks at the cops, naked. She was drunk! Nice job miss. 46 years old and this is what your life has become? That is most definitely not winning.
  • When you die, what will people find in your house? Porn, drugs, and the remnants of a lifestyle that was constantly winning. This lady went the other way with that. They found another dead body. Hey, don’t throw out those old papers and magazines, I might need them one day. Look, you died and never did need them. Now what did we learn?
  • Kicking a child to death. I guess that’s how they roll in New Zealand. If you don’t want to get kicked to death, then don’t pee your pants. Simple right? You are not a very good parent are you? No, not at all. Is it just me or does everyone in New Zealand look like this guy?
  • Now this is a break up. None of that pussy text message or phone call bullshit. This guy got down to business. Can you hurry up and burn already? Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, bitch you best be hurrying the fuck up.
  • The nomination for best mug shot of the week goes to 21 year old David Davis. He was getting his hair cut when some shit popped off. This really makes me wish I had a fro. I would rock the meanest fro this planet has ever seen.
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