Ep 470: The Dirtball


“I’m just gonna go ahead and pretend that your doing that for my birthday.”

Wow I got behind again. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like I can either write really good show notes, or really good hip hop. But when I try to do both, I find that they both suffer. I’m sorry, that whole pesky working a day job to pay the bills thing gets in the way of prime creativity time. But like I said, bills need paid, and I really don’t want to put that ALL on you guys. So I’m putting out a S.O.S. to the internet. Do you like to write? Do your parents / teachers say you write well? Do you want to guest write some show notes for me so I can direct the majority of my creative attention to making this the best hip hop album I’ve ever made, and hopefully, you’ve ever listened to. Speaking of hip hop, this episode was another piece of Jamhole history. We had a little bit of royalty on the show, for the first time ever! You should all go check out his brand new album, “Nervous System” in stores and online now. Ladies and gents, good citizens of Jamholia, lend me your ear… buds. Stomp some hands and clap some motherfucking feet for the newest Kottonmouth King, the one, the only, THE DIRTBALL!

  • Let’s start out the show with some positivity. We love getting email like this, and believe it or not, we don’t really get them that often. We especially love when there is some money attached to it! Check out the list of the most helpful Jamholians of 2011. All you have to do is be more helpful than the human in the number 5 spot, and you’re there. Email info@thejamhole.com or send us a post card to the Jamhole PO Box.
  • So like I said in the intro notes, let’s welcome The Dirtball to the show. We learn a lot about who the Dirtball is. Turns out, he used to play shows in Bozeman with Nickel B. Small world, we used to play shows here with Nickel B! You can check out footage of that rap show as part of the free Jamhole 404 bonus footage.
  • We talk about what an amazing honor it is to be not only on the Suburban Noize record label, but after several years of putting in work, to be invited to become the next Kottonmouth King. Listen as the Dirtball tells the story of how it happened.
  • I would be in hog heaven (no pigs) if I got on the Suburban Noize label. That would be such a dream come true on so many levels. I don’t know about being invited to become a King, but I could totally be the court jester / resident on site mycologist.
  • The Dirtball shares how to unlock the art of rapping. Note to self, learn how to drum. Singing while playing the drums is so hard to do, could you imagine rapping while playing the drums? The Dirtball can, and does, and that’s part of why he’s such a punk / rap badass.
  • If your child grew up and never amounted to shit, it’s all YOUR FAULT. Parents need to encourage the fuck out of the curiosity and wonder that a child inherently has. If you don’t feed this need, and show them how amazing science and the arts can be, they are going to end up working fast food for EVER. You know what that means? No nice cushy old folks home for you. You’ll be lucky if they can afford to bury you. I guess I’m kind of angry about this on a personal level. I’m so into science and writing, but as a child I was brought up in private christian schools with ZERO focus or encouragement of the sciences or anything helpful. I can recite bible verses though, FML!
  • Let’s talk about being a psyconaut. The Dirtball is the first rapper to ever inject straight uncut Tiger’s Blood into his VEINS! You know what I want, you’ve been my doctor for years, just give me the blood! Open the flood gates!
  • If you’ve ever made a rap album, or any kind of album, you can really appreciate how much time and effort goes into creating the final product. Especially if it’s good. Nervous System is a fucking masterpiece. You should all go get it for reals!
  • Let’s talk about what The Dirtball’s home life is like. Puppies and sunshine, that’s how it is when you are a Kottonmouth King. Shout out to Ellie the yellow lab!
  • 4.19.11,  for Danni’s birthday (she made him say that), The Dirtball and the Kottonmouth Kings are going to drop a new album! Hell yeah.
  • What does the Dirtball think about medical marijuana? It’s a plant, end of story.
  • When the Dirtball makes music, what does he use? Find out! It was kind of validating to hear him talk about his home studio. Makes me feel a little more normal about having a podcast / rap recording studio as my living room.
  • Danni once again presses him for his age, and he finally caves. The Dirtball is 35. By the time I’m 35 I hope I can be half as successful as the Dirtball.
  • So out of all the Kottonmouth Kings, who has the most elaborate recording studio? My guess was Johnny Richter or Daddy X. Oh yea, and D-loc!
  • So be sure to show some Jamhole love to the Dirtball. Go get his new album and in the notes make sure you mention the Jamhole sent you.
  • I didn’t mean to attack the Dirtball’s Myspace, but Myspace, get a fucking CLUE! Myspace was great for artists, but now it’s all spam. We have reverbnation and soundcloud now, so Myspace can eat a fat E-cock.
  • So next time you see Johnny Richter, you tell him Mat from the Jamhole will accept your challenge. No one can out smoke you right? Let’s put that to the test. We’ll stream it live and make a huge concert / show out of it. Get a hold of us when you are in Missoula Montana, or if you ever roll through Kalispell, and we’ll make it happen.
  • Thanks Dirtball, that was awesome! You are more than welcome back on the Jamhole ANYTIME. If you have Saturday August 13th available, we are having our third annual live audience show, you are invited! Come kick it with us, have some laughs, drinks and bong loads with the Jamhole! We don’t expect you to come, but that would blow my fucking mind.
  • Do you know what Stuxnet is? Probably the single most efficient, powerful cyber weapon EVER created. Listen to this episode of Security Now to hear all about it. This is pretty spectacular coding and social engineering.
  • Japan had an earthquake. Now they are having a nuclear meltdown. Thank you internet for giving us news as it happens. Why do people still watch the news on tv? Oh right, so they can be told exactly what to think about what is going on. God forbid an individual in the population has a thought all on it’s own. Oh right, and if you really want to know what’s really going on in the nuclear reactor world, go read Kirk Sorensen’s blog, Energy from Thorium. Also, if you really want to get into LFTR technology, listen to this episode of Dr Kiki’s Science Hour.
  • You know what else did NOT cause this destruction? The moon. Huge thanks to the Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait for putting this nonsense to rest. The super moon? Really?
  • Don’t move son, Daddy has to go play ninja with his friends real quick. This is a great example of BAD PARENTING. Also a pretty solid example of a bad ninja. Ask a ninja would be very disappointed.
  • More plans in the works for the Westboro Baptist Church. They are going to go protest a funeral in Perry County for seven siblings. Why hasn’t anyone put this guy out of his misery yet? Because if anyone gets assassinated in this country, it’s going to be done by the government. Honestly though, I can’t wait to hear the joke that gets put together from this church trying to get into Heaven. This was written for St. Peter to make a great new Gates of Heaven joke.
  • Does all this awesome technology we have completely fuck up our sleep? Yea, I can see that… Through bloodshot, tired eyes. Oh these tired brown burning bloodshot sad eyes of mine.
  • We made The Dirtball laugh, and it was the cutest thing ever (according to Danni). I thought it was pretty damn cool.
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