Ep 472: The Juggercock


“I’m gonna sabotage this relationship now so I can have chaos.”

Show notes, who wrote the old quotes? Robby pitched in and wrote some lines. But then I took the time to redefine. But the credit is his because we got raped by exchange rates, and now I can’t afford to go on anymore play dates. I’ve been underwater so long my hands are pruned, completely consumed from within by high noon. I’m afraid of heights, especially in Harlem at night, and I like to think it’s not because I’m white. And if you ask me where god is, I’ll point to the sky and say sure as shit flies, with our own two slit brown eyes, holding a piece of spoiled rotten fruit in between my forked tongue. God died after he placed a little tiny piece of himself inside each and every one of us, and those are the facts of life. Unforeseeable consequences arose from the dead three days later, but nobody could stop fucking long enough to post the notice. He planned on coming back, but that was impossible. Not even Charlie Sheen’s publicist could raise that corpse from the dead.

  • J. Rummy is actually MacGyver’s younger clone. He makes the phones you paid lots of money for, function like they cost lots of money. Liberty 1.5 is where it’s at so far. Xoom Xoom!
  • Mat Lee has the podcast package. Hit him up, tell him you have money.
  • Contest out of The Jamhole’s pocket, ends March 21st, 2011. Spork Roast won. Thank you for voting.
  • Justin.tv: hook up you ad free entertainment ($10 a month or $25 for 3 months)
    thejamhole.com/donate Just go there. Donate and Dana will match (donate enough and make her donate a kidney to the cause).
  • Saturday, August 13th, 2011: Party in Kalispell MT like it’s 1999 (without the bomb shelters and gas masks, except when used as foreplay). This is going to be the third annual and something not to be missed.
  • Mat will soon meet his beat maker. July 21st: meet other podcasts and “Ev-G” working in Chicago…party with album creators.
  • NORML podcast network… now includes The Hotbox! Blim blam.
  • At a local medical cannabis protest right here in Kalispell Montana, an old, confused woman talks about marijuana from the standpoint of an old, confused woman.
  • Dana has something permanently in her eye. Not her eye.
  • Kicking it old school, who’s ready for some confessions?
  • Bradley Manning, still being held in unacceptable conditions. What the fuck are you doing? WE the PEOPLE are NOT ok with this.
  • If she wasn’t such a dick tease, she wouldn’t have gotten raped by Bam Bam Bigelow. Thanks Nolies! Quite the looker you’ve got there, and to think, she’s saving herself for marriage. Probably the smart decision.
  • We haven’t bought new pop filters since we started this show, 474 episodes ago at the time of this typing. We should really replace those. Kick some cash flow our way so we don’t get the HIV. Suck this Juggercock right now!
  • If you have seen this big fat fuck exposing his big fat ass inside a Walmart, call safe communities safe kids. THIS is what you should be up late at night worrying about. Do you want this guy to rip out his Juggercock and tear down the walls of your daughter’s Roman Empire? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Best fat face expressions ever.
  • Did you set your hotel room on fire because of Satan? OR because your meth lab exploded? I’m going to guess Satan didn’t have anything to do with this one. If like cures like, then yes, indeed fire would kill Satan. That, and Facebook would cease to exist because of all the like buttons.
  • Here is the event page for the Third Annual live show. Check it out and RSVP. Discuss in the Jamhole forums meet up section to figure out plans with everyone else that’s coming.
  • Awesome headline, check out this U.S. man convicted of encouraging suicides. I hope you’ve enjoyed our time here together.

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