Ep 471: Nuclear Meltdown


“I will stay, because I have cancer, and I’m dying.”

Do you even have a clue as to who I am? I am eternal, I am everywhere, infinity in a can. I wish I had more time for these notes, I really enjoy the internalized possibility of the proverbial blank sheet. With a few flicks of the wrist, pen in fingers, ink in pen, I transform this boring old college ruled frizzled edged one dimension in space time given to the human race so we had a nice place to go to waste time.

  • Douching can cause bacterial vaginosis (BV). Douching is stupid unless you really need it. Yep, that’s the kind of hard hitting content you can expect to be disappointed in LIVE every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7pm PST. / 10pm EST. on Jamhole TV. Won’t you be our neighbor?
  • You’re only nice to me when you want a blow job later. You know what? Be thankful you aren’t one of the millions of women who get the holy fucking shit beat out of them. You should also be thankful I’m not bugging the fuck out of you to pop out a little twat turd. The vagina is basically a murder scene after having a baby. I am nice enough to never ask you to do that to your body. Sucking my cock is the least you can do.
  • Guess who made it to round two of Who Wants to be Charlie Sheen’s Intern. I think because of the Tiger Blood also running through my system (DUH!), I would be the perfect social network manager / paid intern. Me and probably 70,000 other idiots. Danni doesn’t think it’s a very good choice, but then again, we’re not cooking, so what does Danni know?
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  • Check out the Jamhole Dirtball interview episode. WE never plug stuff that we aren’t into, and I’m telling you, after working on my own hip hop album, Nervous System is a fucking masterpiece. You should all go get yourself a copy then get one for a friend. This shit is SO NICE.
  • Danni makes the ridiculous statement that she doesn’t hate ANY genre of music. This is also the part of the show where I attempt to explain to her what the fuck show tunes are.
  • There has been a lot of talk about the nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan. Let’s read a few passages from our friend Kirk Sorensen over at EnergyFromThorium.com. This guy knows his shit. If you are interested in anything nuclear, or the amazing technology that is the LFTR reactor, check out his site. He also puts to rest a lot of the poor reporting and fear mongering that has been going around the major media outlets.
  • From now on, it’s pronounced Fuck You Shima. It’s like god is just giving Japan the old one two. So who is going to deal with these 2,000 bodies that washed up on shore? I’m really excited to see what kind of real life Godzilla this whole nuclear radiation is going to produce.
  • It’s time for a Hot Box breaking  news break. The DEA and ATF is raiding medical marijuana dispensaries all across Montana. If we are operating under a state medical marijuana law, and one of those dispensaries is breaking the law, then shouldn’t that be a state issue? Seems kind of shady to me. The Feds is the big kid at the beach that keeps kicking over your sandcastle. How much money did you guys steal in the past two weeks? Three, four million maybe? Yea, I apologize, we spent way more time on this than I had intended. I am really passionate about cannabis.
  • Swinging back over the post apocalyptic Japan, we have a pretty large volcano that has come out of dormancy after a couple of weeks. Maybe someone needs to start sacrificing Mormons or something to the great volcano god. Hey, if you can have your stupid beliefs, then so can I. I just chose to be more creative in what I “believe.”
  • As if things couldn’t get any worse, we have a little bit of a feel good story. This little Japanese dude was rescued ten miles out to sea, found floating on the roof of his house. He should be really grateful he didn’t get trapped in the huge whirlpool. Summon the Kraken!
  • Remember, July 21st the Jamhole will be joining a few other fairly awesome podcasts, and meeting up in Milwaukee Wisconsin for a super ultimate mega podcast meet up. Join us there, then come here to Montana for our third annual live audience show. We are going to have a whole week of awesome summer time Jamhole style Montana fun. You do NOT want to miss this.
  • Roxanne, I’m gonna put you through the fucking wood chipper. This is probably going on my bucket list. Towards the end of the list of course.
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