Ep 474: Mentally Interesting


“If I said dog shit would cure radiation poisoning, would you go and eat dog shit?”

And here are the notes! I know I’m a bit behind, considering this episode aired on March 21st and it’s now March 30th. What can I say? I’m busy to the point of almost not being able to keep up with all the notes. I need an intern or something. It’s a podcast, so listen to it. The reading part is extra for all of our intellectually literate listeners.

  • Let’s welcome Robby back to the Jamhole, filling in for Danni, who is out of town picking up her uncle in Seattle.
  • Let’s also congratulate Redfox and the Sporkroast podcast for winning my $20 donation! As our treasured listeners start getting their taxes back, we ask that if you enjoy the show, you remember us and send some love our way. Redfox calls in with his $20 acceptance speech.
  • Speaking of Redfox, he’s the man putting together the mega podcast meet up that’s happening in Milwaukee Wisconsin July 23rd. We’ll be there all week, and will be taking a trip to Chicago while we’re there. This is going to be a great time, so make sure you have your calendar cleared. Join the forums and get your trip figured out.
  • Robby tells us all about his ridiculous job. This is super entertaining, go to the poetry video playlist, and find Robby, then picture him working in a group home for the mentally interesting.
  • I should not be allowed to sleepwalk and cook. Or microwave. Also, FYI, you should not microwave a bag of Gardetto’s, they are apparently made of foil.
  • Let’s talk about radiation, and why everyone who bought Potassium Iodide pills is a fucking idiot. You clearly have ZERO understanding of how radioactive decay works.
  • No one should be surprised if this gentleman commits suicide when this is all said and done. Do you realize how dishonorable it is to not be able to prevent a nuclear reactor meltdown? Yea, a lot. And apparently we didn’t choose to go with the Thorium reactor technology back in the day because it wouldn’t give us waste we could turn into weapons.
  • This is why you should be really careful about how secure your mobile device is. Especially if you are a high profile celebrity. Neither here nor there, but I have quite a large collection of celebrity fakes from back when I used to run mindorgy.net. Is that something you guy would be interested in? They are pretty awesome. I’ll try and remember to post a few in the forums.
  • This is a pretty interesting story. We only read a small portion of it, so make sure to check out the whole thing. The cosmonaut who crashed into Earth crying in rage. You didn’t happen to crash because you were drunk on Vodka did you? I just have to ask.
  • 4 out of 10 American millionaires say they don’t feel rich. What’s the magic number? 7.5 million dollars. You greedy sons of bitches. I would be happy with a few hundred thousand. Let’s say $500,000 for us to take this show to the next level. Be careful what you wish for, this could easily put you in even more debt. Oh yea, and if you donate the Jamhole the full 7.5 million, I will read to you on your death bed.
  • Oh and in other news, I got an email that said unfortunately I was not picked to be Charlie Sheen’s intern. Oh well, he’ll come around eventually.
  • 75 years old, still a fucking bad ass, behaving in an indecent manner and completely destroying property. Wait, why are you rubbing those panties on your genitals? You couldn’t just wait till you got home? Fucking a shit out of a bag of Hanes, Michael Jordan is not pleased.
  • Let’s visit the mentally interesting up in Canada. If Robby was on the job, this never would have happened. You left him in a tub of shit. That’s not being a very good caregiver. You went swimming? That’s a pretty weak cover story.
  • You stole some shit from a hotel, then crashed your whip, all while having a GRIP OF DRUGS stashed up in your vagina. Classy!
  • Here is the story of the gift that keeps on giving. You got a new kidney, but on the down side, you now have HIV, which will eventually turn into AIDS. Should have went with dialysis huh? I guess god works in mysterious ways.
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