Ep 476: Well Educated Hookers


“Hey, you wanna go in the freezer and get stuck to something?”

Here ya go, another Friday episdoe of the Jamhole. Just click through to the notes. That’s the important part. Time is so small right now. So small. On the happy side, I did get another song for the new rap album finished. Once this album is done, I will have more time to devote to writing. Or the sooner you guys can pay all my bills, then I can retire and focus on the fun stuff full time. That’s going to be my new motto. Fun stuff, full time.

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  • Apparently the pro account on Justin.tv is for watching, not broadcasting. If you want the ads on whatever you watch on Justin.tv gone, then YOU need a pro account. Not us. I should have read that better. We still love you Justin.
  • Make sure you have the dates for the Jamhole live audience parties this summer. The first one will be Saturday, July 23rd in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Then join us Saturday August 13th for the third annual Jamhole live audience show right here in beautiful Kalispell Montana. Join the Jamhole forums and stay up on the party action. Also, I would love to see a Super Mario Bros burlesque show. Listen now as we inform you on exactly what the fuck burlesque means.
  • Again the two dates for Jamhole podcast summer fun are July 23rd and August 13th. Remember that shit!
  • I was witness to a dog fight. No, I did not lose any money. It was pretty amusing watching this old lady punch the fuck out of this pit bull. Danni is very educated in the way of the pit. Also note how her southern twang comes out when speaking of such things.
  • Steven Seagal just plowing the fuck through a neighborhood in a tank. Sure, why not, it’s for TV after all. Wow Steven, you roll in there like someone was growing pot. So what did you end up finding? Oh chicken huh? Good find guys, good find.
  • Check out this interesting article on a clock that runs on bio fuel. That’s science speak for “eating dead flies.” Yea, I want one.
  • Let me take you back to 1998. Life was good, unless you’re named Jan Lastocy. Then you didn’t have such a great year. You had a rape year. Prison is a dyke’s wet dream. Just saying.
  • So basically, if you make everyone take a drug test just to get a stupid job, you will make a community of coke heads and drunks. People will get fucked up regardless, and if you test them, they are going to do the drugs that come out of your system quicker. Yea, that’s your fault.
  • You bit off his WHAT? Ick, can you imagine what that feels like in your mouth? Yeah, me either. For those of you wondering, here is the wiki page for testicle. The string thing I was talking about apparently connects the nuts to something else up there.
  • Seems like a pretty solid show, Steven Seagal, dog fighting, a fly eating clock, and of course, another cyclops was born in India. It only survived for one day, so no need to worship him as your god. Can someone put some fucking make up on this thing for fucks sake. We’re filming in HD and you can see EVERYTHING! You silly silly little brown humans. If something similar to this comes out of your vag hole, kill it with fire!
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