Ep 477: Water Weenie


“Yeah Robby, I went there.”

Notes notes notes notes notes notes notes notes N NO NO NO NO NOTES! That’s right, slowly getting caught up. Lot’s of cool stuff in the works. Watch us grow our media empire one friendly listener at a time. Know someone who might like this show? Tell a friend. Too embarrassed to? Do it anonymously. That’s good advice right there, no matter what you apply it to. Do it anonymously.

  • Ignore the shadow people in your periphery and let’s welcome Robby back to the Jamhole. This is also why you should stay in school and get as smart as you possibly fucking can. Need help with that? Watch Jamhole TV LIVE every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 7pm PST. 10pm EST. at thejamhole.com/live.
  • Hey, whoever came up with the DVI technology, why the fuck is that shit not plug and play? Do you have any idea how annoying it is to have to shut down the desktop every time I want to watch something on my couch? If you have never had to go through that, let me be the first to tell you, it’s FUCKING CRAP!
  • We’re not a huge corporation with millions of dollars in financial security and backing? What kind of crap whack a hoe show is this?
  • Saturday August 13th 2011, we are having our THIRD ANNUAL Jamhole party live show extravaganza! You aren’t going to want to miss this. The whole week will be fun party stuff. Trust, be here.
  • The Friday show we will have Stuff White People Like author Christian Lander. It was a good show. I know that, because I am in the future right now. It has already happened.
  • Sunday was the Get Poetry open mic. Good stuff as always. Come join us every Sunday at 3pm at the Boiler Room. Watch Robby pass a poetry kidney stone. It’s something to see. You can also watch videos at thejamhole.com/poetryvids.
  • The chronicles of Tardia. Not a place I want to find myself in after I open a closet door. Just saying. This is what happens when the psychotics are out to lunch if you catch my┬ásubtlety. Tell us about your dreams. You probably have to be pretty ADD to keep up with the majority of this episode.
  • I hate having a dream where I go to work and live a day, because then I wake up and do it all over again. Twice. Fuck ALL of our lives. That sleep is not very restful.
  • Inception is the new test to determine whether or not you have ADD. Either that or the Distorted View test of patience collection.
  • Listen up, it’s Jamhole PSA time. Improving the world one mentally interesting geek at a time. WARNING: Spending too much time at church may be harmful to your health. God is punishing you all by making you FAT. Somehow this turns into a discussion about saving your sex till marriage.
  • Poke Boobies. Play with penis like a water weenie. That is all. Put your back into it.
  • When this kid sits around the house, he SITS AROUND the house. DING! 5.7 pounds at birth, now I ride him to Kindergarten. It makes me happy to ride him. It’s fun.
  • Splinters hurt. Especially when you get badly beaten and sodomized. Not nice.
  • When cops get wasted, nothing good can ever come of it. One fucked up parked car, one fucked up wall, and one pretty drunk cop. To protect and serve right?
  • Suicide at Walmart. Now that’s rolling back the prices. One depressed trailer at a time. Taste the rainbow, diddle that skittle.
  • That’s a show! Email info@thejamhole.com and leave us a message at 406.204.4687. Join the forums and like us on Facebook! We also have a wicked awesome YouTube account with hundreds of videos. Anyone use Google Profiles?

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