Ep 468: Shitstorm


“You wait till I tell god what you did to me.” I’ll be hosting the Get Poetry open mic this Sunday while the rest of the gang is in Columbus Ohio at the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Check out their site, looks like a pretty awesome event. Drive safe guys! So it’s gonna…… Continue reading Ep 468: Shitstorm

Ep 467: Mysterious Ways


“I’m gonna start using that in my day to day life.” Welcome to the show. It’s going to go down like this. Same as it has for 466 other times. Some like this, some not really quite like anything. Have you heard this beast of a back catalog? Skip the early shows, we were just…… Continue reading Ep 467: Mysterious Ways

Ep 466: Aiding the Enemy


“Talk about getting sick of your mate.” Silly swimming, sinning for winnings in the seventh inning. So stretch, feel like an old wretch and play dead, not fetch. Play doctor in Proctor, then check out the hot springs. I’ve got spring in my step, warming my feet in the cold winter. The fee has been…… Continue reading Ep 466: Aiding the Enemy

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