Ep 495: Business Advice


“But first I’d kill Nancy Reagan, because she killed Quaaludes.”

This is it! At the time of writing these show notes, it is Friday May 20th at 7:42 pm my time. According to Harold Camping and his Family Radio network, this is the last night anyone is going to spend doing anything. Tomorrow, all of your uptight, smug christian friends are going to ascend into heaven, leaving all of us non believing heathens to rule the world. At least until October 21st, when that jealous asshole god is going to blow his primordial load all over each and every one of our faces in the last great judgement.

Honestly, I feel like you are waiting for your long lost father to come back, when in reality, you were born in a test tube. Forever waiting by the door for the man who doesn’t exist to make his grand entrance and tell you that from now on till eternity, everything is going to be ok. There’s something very unsettling about an adult who’s watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarves from a purely historical standpoint. That’s what this is like. Happy reading, and if you are one of those “lucky” few to actually be raptured, don’t look down. Any rapture donations can be sent to the Jamhole donate page.

  • Welcome to the smooth sounds of the Jamhole free comedy podcast. We are almost to episode 500, and since we did 500 episodes of this show, the least you guys can do is invite some of your friends to like our Facebook page.
  • You can help us pay the bills that keep this show going, and if you help the most in the year 2011, you are going to get something FUCKING AWESOME!
  • So assuming Harold Camping is completely off his rocker and we all wake up on May 22nd like nothing of great importance happened the night before, we are going to start a new business. I am going to make it my personal goal to record the stories of the olds. Thoughts, experiences, anything that you don’t want to forget, we will record it, and transform it into a coherent, audio time capsule of sorts for future generations to enjoy and learn from. That’s noble right?
  • Let’s give a huge Jamhole welcome back to our good friend and international man of funny, the only man with a laugh contagious enough to become an internet meme, the great Joe Cocozzello. Remember him from the Ear Candy New York podcast? Good times. This pretty much turns into the Joe Cocozzello show.
  • Trust me, it wasn’t because I got high.
  • Having a couple of parties this summer. July 23rd in Milwaukee, and August 13th here in Kalispell Montana. Be there, or be a huge sad square.
  • I’m surprised more of you don’t get hit by cars. It’s funny watching people walk and use their smartphones at the same time.
  • Where the fuck is my update? Check out the new title by Rovio, angry users.

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