Ep 541.5: Nothing to Lose


“What’s the alternative, listening to the radio?”

This is an interview episode with fellow pod crafter Joey Kelley. We’ve been doing tech shows and whatnot over on groovyPost.com. Good stuff, and if you ever want to interview, or be interviewed, get a h0ld of us or something. We’ve only been doing a show a week, so it’s cool we can do these in between shows. This is the Mat and Joey show, so sit back and enjoy.

– How did Mat meet Joey? We both listen to twiG, we both emailed Gina Smith about helping bring BYTE back, and we’re both nerds. We actually only listen to one show that is the same. Other than that they are all different. Now we both write for groovyPost.com. Well, I don’t really write much anymore, but I am doing podcasts over there. Check out AOTA.

– If you notice, we get sidetracked pretty easy. Did Joey just describe this as a match made in heaven? Hahaha.

– Should you invest in companies then write about them? Probably not a good idea. Depends though, are you a journalist or a blogger? Does it even matter? Also, don’t take Joey’s investment advice. Even though I love using AMD, look how much money you’ve lost.

– How do you live in public? I’m sure we get to the point here soon. Check out Jeff Jarvis’s new book, Public Parts. What are the pro’s and con’s of living in public?

– Where were you when nine eleven hit? We talk about it in a very weird way.

– To be perfectly honest, nine eleven had zero effect in my life. Zero. Although there was a couple of shitty movies made from it, and I did happen to see those, and they did suck a whole lot. But that’s it.

– Are you afraid the cops are going to arrest you for smoking pot on the Hot Box? No, because I’m not smoking pot, I’m smoking Salvia. Allegedly.

– Let’s talk about small towns. Don’t get it twisted, I was born in California, not that that’s something to be proud of. But there is quite a difference from the people who live in Cali compared to the people here in Montana. I like Montana better. If we could only get rid of the churches and casinos, we’d be ok.

– Have you ever had someone try to fuck with your shit? You should listen back starting at episode 136 to episode 145. It happens here and there but mostly because I was trying to have sex with their ex girlfriends or something. I don’t know. Also, my generation has nothing to lose, so we don’t really give a fuck. We reach out through the internet and make connections. Sure, come up for the yearly parties and you can crash on our couch. Who gives a shit?

– Social media has turned people into a brand. Come buy me! These are the surgery videos Danni made. Note the comments and how thankful these women are to have some sort of idea about what they are going to go through. You’re welcome.

– If you want to know what I was talking about with my surgery, if you are a new listener, go back to the episodes leading up to the Jamhole 250 show. These were fun episodes.

– Who would have guessed, Joey Kelley the thespian. The tech side of things was easier, so that’s what I went with.

– Here’s the plugs. Thanks for the show! Joey on Twitter.

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