Ep 542: A Nad


“Last time I checked I was drunk, so it didn’t matter.”

Look at this shit, we got a Wednesday show for you. Going to try and do shows every Wednesday and Sunday now. We used to be really hardcore about not missing episodes when this show first started, which is how we got up to over 500 episodes so quickly. But now, I feel like we’ve proved our presence, so there. Read some fucking notes.

– I nailed that shit. Word up to the Floridians in the chat room. I think we learn a lot about Danni in this episode.

– Look how angry this bird is. Well you can’t now, but if you saw the show live you would have. Watch us on Jamhole TV.

– Apparently the chatters tonight too a bit of offense to the cry baby muhammad in the background of Danni’s camera. Note how I said Danni’s camera, so they come bomb you, not me. Don’t suicidie bomb, it’s just a joke. We make fun of ALL religions, equally. Weird too, I was randomly watching South Park episodes today, and I came across the Muhammad episodes. The ones where the Gingers and Tom Cruise and the celebs all want Muhammad to steal his goo. Good stuff. Swallow, CUM!

– Hey Harold Camping, it didn’t happen did it? Now tell everyone you knew it wasn’t going to happen, and you were just making shit up. Three strikes and you’re out! You spent over one hundrend MILLION dollars on this silly crap? Money well spent sirs. Sure, now you can go into retirement. I honestly don’t know why everyone would listen to a senile ninety year old.

– Danni’s weird drunk Floridians call in. There’s no hard feelings when I’m talking to a robot. Crissy and Ian love problems. This should be good.

Occupy Oakland getting all kinds out of control. Former Marines get to pretty much occupy whatever the fuck they want. Yea, they shut the port down for a bit. Nice job Oakland.

– The new Beavis and Butthead was actually pretty good. Please stop doing the voice. We are doomed to another decade of this shit. The recipe for comedy.

– Gigolo’s is a pretty great show. Nick, you should really stop rapping. I should be ghost writing for you. Because you can’t write. Or rap. Go back to satisfying the Vegas Urban Cougar Club. If you want to check out our music, over on Soundcloud or the Jamhole Music page.

– Check it out, you can now leave Facebook comments! That’s right, let’s get this discussion going! No body ever listens. Listen, someone got their ego hurt.

– Dexter and the four fucking horseman. This is a pretty good show.

– The end of the world ushered in by Israel attacking Iran? Who knows.

– Nicole, I fucking love you. If you feel bad because you let a girl beat you in the Mat’s Birthday Donation game, you can still catch up and beat her.

– The Jamhole 525 is the third annual Jamhole live show, and it’s free. Go watch it! Then go buy the Jamhole 250 and the Jamhole 404. That will pretty much get you caught up in the life of the Jamhole.

– Did you know the Jamhole is now on Google+? Fuck yes it is. Encircle us!

– Danni’s surgery documentary is killing it on YouTube with the most views of any of the 200+ videos on there. Look at how much of a rise the chat is getting out of telling Danni that no one listens to this show.

-Stop bragging. But yes, that was your problem. Danni trapped in a lie. Watch how awkward this gets. Who’s the master? Is that a python with a 76 pound deer inside it?

– This is the decade of the pain killer. Hey Heath, do you know why you’re dead and I’m not? If you are going to do big boy drugs, you should really be more careful.

– Did we just re create the preface of In time? Scientists might be to smart for their own good. Listen here you lazy fucking cell. Stop dividing or get the fuck out! Pity party plus two.

–  Raise your hand if you went to Booker High. Thanks to MDS for sending this fucker in. It must have sucked just that bad.

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