Ep 553: Final Destination


“I don’t want to have sex with you anymore.”

It came and it went, here one blink and gone the next. This was the last episode of 2011. I find it really amusing that a lot of people are saying how glad they are that 2011 is over. That 2011 was such a crummy year, they don’t think it could possibly get any worse. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news during these oh so troubled times, but this bullshit is just getting started. If you honestly think the worst is now behind us, you are clearly a part of the problem, and not the solution. Sarah Connor, she always had a solution trying to keep her son alive so that he can one day lead the resistance against the machines and save the human race from extinction. Sorry, we’ve been watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles, like nonstop ever since Friday night. Good stuff. Anyways, join us for the first episode of 2012, starting Sunday night! You will also start seeing the site here change, probably this evening. We’re going to make the site much more readable, since I do a lot of writing on here. You’ll see, and trust me, this change is for the best. Here’s some fucking notes…

– You can always give us a call when the show is live at 406.204.4687. You can also feel free to text me (Mat) at 406.848.1739. These shows are done live on Sunday and a random day of the week on Jamhole TV.

– Job search 2011 will continue on until 2012. I blame these oh so tough economic times we’re living in.

– They don’t get much more ill than Kim Jong. Ask your communist government if it’s ok first, then pour out a little liquor for our North Korean dictator homie. Everything I know about North Korea I learned from NPR’s On the Media and Team America, fuck yeah. Check out this episode.

– Next week is the Uhh Yeah Dude Seattle live show. You might be able to get tickets still over here. Check out our forums if you want to hang out with Shaun “Lyrickal” Cubbs, Beez, and myself in Seattle on Friday, January 13th 2012.

– Watch Final Destination 5, or time to die again over and over again as Danni likes to call it.

– The secret to China’s low cost of manufacturing lies somewhere on their weird shaped beds, next to a bunch of pillows. Once a year they take all those pillows and have a massive pillow fight.

– What do you get the poorest city in South America? Well a fucking escalator duh. Great budget planning, this is really going to make life easier.

Elvis the croc strikes again. He HATES lawn mowers for some reason.

– So that’s where you’ve been hiding. What a scam. All that for some shitty ass government checks. You should kidnap someone who’s worth a shit next time. You’ll get way more money for much less work.

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