Ep 560: Super Bowl Sunday Frat Bro


“Did you see our new American concentration camps?”

Aside from the obvious, that episode felt good. It was back to basics, back to the core concepts and ideas that made this podcast great once. We were great once right? It’s ok, you can lie. I won’t tell anyone. In the process of getting the show shoved back into the place of funny and amusing live discussions, we are trimming away some of the fat. Based on what pages you the listener frequent most on the site, we’re going to be trimming down the pages most Jamholians never see. Want to help shape this new overhaul? Simply go to The Jamhole and click on the pages you like the most. Don’t click the pages you don’t like, and after a couple of weeks we should have a more lean, faster loading, easier to navigate Jamhole. But for now, here’s some notes.

Yes, she is absolutely right, I can’t remember to change the thing on the site menu that let’s you know the show is live. I will make a more conscious effort to remember that. In the meantime, join us live every Wednesday and Sunday around 7pm PT. 10pm ET. on Jamhole TV.

We live in the age of notifications. Did you hear that? Did you feel that? Because I did.

Did you all enjoy the Super Bowl? Let’s do a quick bit of crowdsourcing. Email info@thejamhole.com, leave a comment at the bottom of these notes, or post on the forums for this episode whether or not you watch, or know people who did watch the Super Bowl for the sole reason of being able to participate in water cooler conversation at work. I’m willing to bet a few of you did that.

I think we can all agree that sports are mainly there as a distraction so those in power can get shit done the public may not necessariy agree with.

Do you know what’s real? I’m having a hard time lately discerning what is real. What is real? Are you verified?

Can you even begin to imagine what life would be like if everything was based on a lie. A lie told by someone else who works for a company who’s business model depends on you buying that lie. We sell lies. It’s quite the lucrative business model.

Jamholia proudly presents, the Jamhole School for the Gifted. Want your kids raised on a steady diet of truth? Send them to the Jamhole School for the Gifted.

Fifty Cent is now the proud new owner of a cool million dollars. This is why things are the way they are. Can someone make me a zombie apocalypse survival app? Thanks.

And now, another scene from the play, a day in the life of Danni’s mouth. Find out what was taken out, and what was put in! Giggidy!

Have you ever heard of a variation of human that’s belongs to the white African American community? Yea, there is. He was going to win this award, but they said he wasn’t quite black enough. What a heart breaking shame.

You should all go to Rotten.com and write them a letter asking them to fix their damn servers. Shit is up and down like a two bit hooker. Good for the whore business, not so much for the web server business.

Talk about getting head GIGGIDY! Check out Sweden’s most evil couple. This is what I picture when I hear the words, A match made in Heaven.” Oh, and the movie I was trying to think of where the dude fed the chick, is called Feed. It came out in 2005. Watch it with a loved one over a nice home made dinner.

If like cures like, I’m going to start the field of Homeopathic Psychology. Fuck yes.

You should probably check out this video of the Vietnamese chopping a pig in half, then wiping it’s blood all over their money. Can you fucking imagine? What’s more crazy, this or eating crackers and wine thinking it’s the body and blood of your zombie savoir? They are both equally nuts.

Some local Montana love. A guy in Butte got himself in a high speed chase with the cops because it was something he has always wanted to do. Awesome. I can’t drive 55. Right?

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