Ep 561: Standard Issue


“I’m so sick and tired of being poor because I have morals and standards, and I’m not willing to take advantage of dumb people.”

I really hate writing show notes sometimes. Sometimes I’d much rather be doing something else. Lately I’d rather be finishing these last couple songs for the album I’ve been working on. Lately I’d much rather be reading the book “Biocentrism” that Ian from the Hot Box let me borrow. Fuck, talk about blow your mind. Read that shit. He’s also got another book that’s going to blow minds based on planets and how they align, but now isn’t that time. I could start looking for a new girlfriend, but you and I both know that isn’t in anyone’s best interest. Especially whoever that poor unsuspecting probably “nice at first” girl happens to be. It’s self destructive. It’s pseudo-self destructive, it’s the epitome of the nuclear force in action splitting atoms and throwing electrons in your FACE!

But seriously, we’re into picking up the pieces regardless of who they might belong to. Shoving them back in any way we see fit, shocking the shit out of the corpse right before we go out on a date with it and call it the walking dead. Which speaking of, has started once again. If you check out my Miso you would have known that. I can’t explain to you how happy it makes me. Just being able to, once a week escape this dull lifeless reality and enter one where life is still lifeless, but far more exciting. Zombie apocalypse, big bucks no whammies, STOP! Oh, and here’s some notes.

Robby back again with us for a Wednesday episode. We mention it’s twice a week again, but if you’re reading this now, you’ll notice there hasn’t been an episode since. I think tonight (writing this on Wednesday, February 15th 2012) we are going to have Ben back on the show.

So what’s been going on in Robby’s life? Excelling at jobs a monkey could do. That’s ma boy.

I’m still very interested in this whole homeopathic psychology thing. Just wait, I’ll write the book. No more will we be poor because of our high moral standards. The American Dream, taking advantage of retards.

Broken guitar has United…. PLAYING THE BLUES! I’m going to write a rap song about how shitty the TSA is.

A pretty interesting piece on how the first online super bowl short changed the web. This is pretty much a road map of what not to do. Nice work guys.

I remember our first live show, and we brought our A team. You can watch it for $5.00 on the Jamhole 250 page. These will be forever known as “The Good ol Days.” Oh, and sorry we spent so much time on this super bowl bullshit.

Look h0w gross giving birth to a 15 pound baby can be. Especially if you’re Asian. Right?

Pulled over drunk, twice, in the same day. Now, I want you to show me how you blow.

Nice work Washington State, way to approve marriage for the gays. Go Gays! The question is, do you choose to be gay, or are you born gay? Discuss.

If you want to see what I +1, check out my Google+.

Can a society consume and not produce? Is it not better to consume WHAT you produce? We need to be more self sufficient, and efficient.

A story for the Hot Box, but fuck it anyway. This guy wants the money from his medical marijuana that got stolen. Nigga, they STOLE MA WEED! Now let’s talk about pot. This is fun.

Is it amazing that Danni and I can still do a show? Is it weird I thought Danni was boning down with Brayden? Hahaha. I thought something seemed off. Well, good for him, right?

This guy has a bad habit of robbing banks. Is that medical?

Do you trust your doctor? Read this, then email info@thejamhole.com and tell me, do you trust your doctor? People lie, just saying. Have you ever told the truth in your life?

Look at all the cool stuff on groovyPost I’ve created! Now listen to the song I wrote for Verizon.

Remember when the customer was right? Oh, and smoking ciggies is going to make us all retarded. Oh right, but smoking weed is cool. See how that works? If you would let me smoke weed all the time, I wouldn’t have to smoke these damn ciggies. If you want to send me the smokes I smoke, the Danish Export, red bag, you can send it to the Jamhole PO BOX.

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