TJH 562: That’s Selfish


“We know too much to give a fuck anymore.”

Welcome to a world where people give a fuck about your well being only as far as it has the potential to benefit them. In other words, welcome to hell. The government has created a nanny state child proof like world for all of us to run around with scissors in, carefully breaking the wind caution gets tossed into. It’s fun right? Do you realize what kind of reality we would all inhabit if instead of our mass media brainwashing being profit driven, it was driven by our collective best interest? Yeah. Way different right? Well, I hope at least. I’m sure no matter how many times this lame duck experiment plays out, there is always going to be that subset of the population who only have their own personal best interests in mind, and make decisions that effect the whole, based on that biased self interest. We are only human after all. We have to contend with emotions, and greed and corruption. Some of us can just blow it off, while others roll into their local fast food joint and shoot up the place.

I think personally, I’m more interested to see how many times we have to go through this, constantly making all the wrong decisions, until we finally get it right. I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say this time, isn’t it. Nor the next, or probably the one after that. Eventually though, I have faith in humanity that one of these generations will be born with their heads NOT up their asses, and will hopefully, be able to get things on the right path. The only question I’m left with is, by the time that generation comes along, will it be too late? Oh well who cares right? You only live once. So make the right choice, and read some show notes after the break. I hate that phrase. Do you even know what the break is? It’s that little phrase under this that you click on if you want to read the rest of this entry. That’s the break. Sites mainly take advantage of the break for two reasons. Either they are doing what I am doing in trying to keep some semblance of order on the fr0nt page of the site, or they want you to click so you load another page to read the rest of the post, thus getting two page views for the price of one.

This is the last episode before our four year anniversary. The very first episode of the Jamhole was a complete train wreck, and published on February 18th, 2008. We’ve come a long way. Oh fuck who am I kidding?

The most viewed YouTube video is part two of the four part documentary we filmed and Keith Mcnally edited when Danni got her ovary removed. Out of all the things the Jamhole has done, we’ve helped women with their ovary tumors. Go us!

Is it time to bring the Jamhole to an end and do more of something else? What say you? Vote on the poll here in the forums.

We have been completely desensitized and jaded to this cold harsh world. Thanks Internet. The more we know, the worse it gets. Maybe the next show will focus around suicide counseling.

Let’s talk about suicide. Why am I being selfish again? I say, you are the one being selfish. If you have a friend who wants to kill him or her self, you should be fully supportive.

If you want to have a theological discussion, we can do that. I won’t attack you. You can call the show live by the way, at 406.204.4687. Do that Monday!

Have you seen Comic Book Men? Kevin Smith is pretty funny. I wish I had his budget. The last thing I want to do is write a movie.

There is a difference between being smart, and being self aware. Let’s talk about something we both have zero clue about. Have you ever tested a manatee?

What do you think about space madness? Could you handle a trip to Mars? Sign me the fuck up. I’m so fucking serious. I think we also talk about how you would shower in space.

So, I guess by now you have all heard the news. Whitney Houston is dead. What do you know about Whitney Houston?

How do you occupy if you have a family? How much does any type of political or societal movement mean to you? We all need to be better at voting with our money. I eat way too much candy and drink way too many Rockstars. That is no good. I could buy way more smokes if I didn’t drink so much Rockstar.

Blowing up a car… with a tampon. Sure, why the fuck not. You wrecked that Ford Fusion.

Is this for real? 900 trillion dollars? Really? Thanks Berger! Oh, and what do you know about Chris Brown?

We are definitely in the future. What do you think about drones flying over the U.S.?

This is what happens when you kill yourself and NO ONE misses you. They don’t find your body for four years.

Only in Florida would something like this happen. You try to quit smoking cigs, and blow your face up with an electronic cigarette? Nice.

No shit? Sexual harassment at a Tilted Kilt? Get the fuck out of here. If you can sue for sexual harassment, we can sue for extortion in how you get your tips. Heh, just the tip. That’s how daddy likes it. It’s all about the play date.

Check it out, a crew from Montana was on the latest episode of Ax Men. Also, did you know The Walking Dead has started again. I sure do enjoy that show. Want to see what else I’m watching? Check out my Miso.

Enjoy this track from the Rap Music Project while we take a quick break. Get the whole album for free here on the Jamhole music page.

What do you know about Doomsday Prepping? Fuck I wish I was rich, prepping would be so much fun. It’s like legal hoarding.

One more hit no time to waste OOOH METH! 15 tonnes of meth. That is a historic amount of meth.

Yep, and that’s a show. See you next time! Email and leave us a message at 406.204.4687. You can also text my cell at 406.848.1739. Please be subscribed in iTunes and write us a review!

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