TJH 568: Dicks Hanging Out


“It took me all of this to realize what a douche bag he is.”

This whole doing the Jamhole once a week is kind of nice. Makes me not get so behind on show notes when I let them go for a few days. Fear not, the show isn’t going anywhere. Wait, I should rephrase that. The show must and will go on. On what you might ask? Hopefully your damn Android and iOS devices. But in all seriousness, my fellow Jamholians and I have been through one hell of a ride these last four years. We’ve been up, we’ve been down. It’s all about the organics involved and how everything flows together like the yin and yang, or like a dog chasing it’s tail. Either way, the Jamhole is still being recorded live on Monday around 5pm PT 8pm ET on Jamhole TV, so next time your bored on a Monday, come join us! This was pretty much a piss poor episode. I blame certain individual’s time constraints, and other certain individuals lack to keep their attention focused on anything for more than five minutes. And that’s coming from me, the king of not being able to sit still himself. All I’m saying is that if you guys want this thing to keep being awesome, and to keep having people listen to it, you both need to step up your games. That’s all. Keep on reading for some notes.

Let’s welcome Robby and Ben back for the Monday episode. This one is number 568. Can you even fucking imagine that? You can give us a call live during the show at 406.204.4687.

Let me introduce you to a new bit on the show. This one is called, Letter’s from Jail. Sit back, and enjoy. For some reason, that’s pretty much exactly what I imagined jail would be like. Shout out to Patrick and his dick! Is it weird that this is coming from a female?

Huge thanks to the punk ass kids who went through my car and stole my car key. In other news, huge props to me, for being a fucking idiot and leaving my car keys in my car. Next time, just do me a favor and take the whole fucking car.

Everyone should add Ben on Facebook, and then proceed to send him nasty messages until he cries. Speaking of Facebook, did you know we have a Jamhole page, AND a Jamhole group? Yeah, we do.

Nothing to lose at this point. Perhaps if the other TWO people would prepare something here and there, that would greatly help things move along. A lot of what you hear is joking, but surely a lot of truth is said in jest.

Are you familiar with Rick Santorum? He done did it this time. He wants a crackdown on the distribution of hardcore porn on the internet. He says, “If I’m elected president, I will ban hardcore porn.” What do you consider hardcore porn? Speaking of porn, this guy is a freaking jerk off for sure. If you vote for him, you are a jerk off. Thoughts? Leave a comment and let us know.

Continuing with our journey through human reproductive system functions. Berger sent these in, and this one is all about putting the dick in ridiculous. That’s a better audio joke than a written one. Here’s the link. So do you want to just put people in jail for jerking off?

We should all Demand Progress as good human beings. What’s this week? Big content is buying the soul of the ISP’s. If you are worried about Google reading your email, you should be more worried about your ISP sniffing your packets. How’s your privacy now?

I forgot to mention this in the show, but if you are interested in the whole copyright math idea, check out the TED talk that started it all. This is so brilliant.

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