TJH 570: E-Lanes


“I know you can afford that iPhone, but are you smart enough not to get killed while using it?”

Come one come all and take part in this ridiculously awesome four time nominated podcast award podcast we do once a week. In the past four years we’ve taken you the listener on quite the rollercoaster ride of laughs, gasps and walked on floor mats. All in all it’s been fun, and continues to be fun, so we’re here doing it one more time. The schedule for the show has changed dramatically from what it first once was, and we appreciate you guys hanging in there with us as we work to get everything back to something that resembles normal. Robby and Ben have done a great job stepping in to host the show once a week, and if Danni is out there and ever feels like she’s ready to come back and do a show, she knows she’s more than welcome. So for the time being, sit back, blaze one, and enjoy the many shows I’ve tried to split my personality into. From the Android show Attack of the Androids, to the random tech shows of YATS and BOS, to my current favorite, the Hot Box marijuana podcast. I try to put something out there for everyone, for free. It’s hard, and it takes a lot of dedication and work, but I feel like in the end, it’s well worth it. Tap the more and get yourself some notes.

Holy shit that was an April Fools if ever there was one here on the Jamhole. Actually, the Mat Brayden switch show was up there too, but nice job nonetheless Robby. Ben and Robby here to host this day after April fools Monday Funday. It’s April first for me, and that’s all that matters.

It’s 2012, we need some Jetson’s tech. Where the fuck is our flying cars? Oh right, here they are, for over a quarter million. Can you admit that your life is cooler than flying cars? Leave us a comment.

How do you get America back in the space race? Leak a memo from China stating they are looking into building a base on Mars. POW, guess who’s there?

People walk and text, so why not give them a texting lane? Sure why not.

What does 800 pounds of meth look like? Well, if your iPad was stolen by this drug dealer, you might just find out. Thanks Find my iPad! Way to use your meth head.

We’ve switched up the Hot Box just a little bit, you should check it out. We discuss the Oaksterdam University raid on The Harvard of Hemp. We talk about marijuana for a good twenty minutes. Or maybe it just felt that long.

The best April Fools pranks you might have missed.

I like how we talk about politics like we actually know what we’re talking about. Could it be that easy?

Here’s a cool list of the top ten viral pranks on YouTube. Here is a link to the top 100 April Fool’s Day hoaxes of all time. Here is a Gawker best reader submitted prank story list. Good stuff.

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