TJH 571: No Fat Chicks


“It’s like being in Nascar and not turning left.”

Do you remember when we did this episode? Just another Mat and Robby classic brought to you by The Jamhole free comedy podcast. That’s us, that’s what we do and that’s exactly how we do it. Tons going on, but rather than me tell you in type, you can hear it for yourself. Listen to the episode and read some notes.

Holy shit, Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light TM has died. Can you paint and NOT be a painter of light? I don’t think it’s possible. Of course, now that he’s dead everyone should rush out and buy his worthless dime a dozen re prints. Yeah, people are that dumb.

Remember the smallest town in the nation? We have an update! Guess who bought it? Here’s a hint, it cost $900,000. Small town America, making foreigners dreams come true.

I want an image so amazing, that it makes the individual who keeps leaving Jesus notes on my door, really question their own faith. If you can make that, email

Berger sent this one in to the Stumbleupon. Just take a moment and imagine what level of pain this guy was experiencing. Making life long memories each week. Sometimes you take a gamble, and you lose. This is one of those times.

Whenever you post on Facebook, just keep in mind that one day it might be used to make jokes on some random podcast. It’s these kinds of things you never think of when you post stupid shit. Thanks bro!

Sir, you clearly have nails sticking out of your chest. You should really get that looked at. How the fuck does something like this happen? Let me tell you a little story.

Hey, if I give you this kidney, can I get an iPhone and an iPad? Now don’t be greedy. This is quite the business model if you think about it.

30% of all internet traffic is porn. The other 70 is Netflix. If you start a band, name it Netflix and Porn.

Facebook goes to buy Instagram… for a BILLION dollars. Seriously.

I mean if you’re going to beat someone up, at least it was over a classy men’s entertainment magazine.

Home of the undead steak. Check out this stupid ad for a great idea. This is the kind of restaurant Dana should own.

Let’s wrap up the show with some Fuck My Life. Both public and personal. Make sure you are subscribed to the show, and check out our Google+ page.

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