TJH 585: Poor Taste


“I can’t wait till we’re all wearing Google Glass, and those moments are captured for all of us to enjoy.”

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to dress up right, something something something on the Jamhole tonight! That’s right, we’re back, sort of. It’s almost been a whole damn month since this thing had the dust kicked off it. Sorry about that, but not really. It’s not like you’re paying for this. I guess in a way you sort of pay. You pay with your time. For that, we appreciate you, so here’s a fresh episode. I’m sure if you really need to listen to more me, you have found the other podcasts we do. If not, check out Yet Another Tech Show and Attack of the Androids. You can also check out the Buffer Overflow Show, but it’s on hiatus at the moment. We’ve done 25 episodes there. So yea it’s been quite the month, I’m not even going to try to bore you with the details. I’ll just say thanks for sticking with us, and here’s some show notes.

Welcome the guest host for tonight, Joey Kelley. This is going to be a fun show. Probably not quite what you were expecting, but we’re making due.

Here’s a quick run down of what happened to Bunny and why Joey is guest hosting. I also put a call out to the ether about getting a new semi regular co host up in this piece. Yea, crowd sourcing is the worst sometimes.

If you happen to be somewhere, and dogs start fighting, is it appropriate to place bets? It’s not like I started the dog fight or anything.

South Park has once again started up. You should definitely check out the new episode Sarcastaball. Check out everything else I’m watching on the Jamhole Miso page. What are you watching?

For our first story this evening, there was a kid and some dude filming him as he was walking down the street dressed like a terrorist holding a fake grenade launcher. How amazing of an idea is that?

We try to help here at The Jamhole. Have you heard the news about a new porn search engine? How handy is that going to be? You should definitely check out the picture Gizmodo has posted for this article. It is now forever burned into my brain. How much porn would it take to satisfy the world? There’s nothing like a good discussion about porn with a couple of dudes.

There was a fantastic free sex carwash going on over in Malaysia. Of course, like anything awesome in this world, the police had to put a stop to it. Get your free sex car wash punch cards on Groupon!

Does it matter how many followers you have or how many likes you have when that shit can be purchased? It sort of takes away from the “worth” when that happens. What is a like worth to you? Here’s a quick story about Facebook cracking down on fake likes.

The world must be coming to an end. LIL Wayne broke Elvis’s record. Well, sort of. Do the Billboards even count anymore? This turns into a pretty awesome music discussion.

How amazing was that text message that you actually walked right off a cliff? I love it when this kind of shit happens.

Check out this awesome hippy dentist that comes from Maine. I mostly love Joey’s stoner hippy voice. Mostly.

Why are you jerking off in your car, and why are you lying about it? Oh right, because you were drunk. So wait, does jerking off make you blind? No, of course not.

So that’s where my blow up doll went. The Black Sea is where all blow up dolls get discarded. See, you learn something new every day.

Colorado is having a frozen dead guy festival. Colorado, you guys really know how to party.

Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next month. Just kidding. We’ll see you sooner than that. Well, I will at least. If you think you have what it takes to host this show with me, holla! Oh yeah, and be sure to write us a review on iTunes and check us out socially. You can also leave us a message at 406.204.4687 or text my cell at 406.848.1739. I’m always happy to say hi to our listeners.

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